We’re Rearranging The Pokemon GO Egg Pool – Adventure Sync Edition

You may recall back in the day when we rearranged the egg pools so that they would be much improved. And then Niantic did that for us, and then again. But today, I want to talk about the Adventure Sync egg pools, and why they need changing.

This is what I think should happen!

The Problem

We have a problem with the current pools of Adventure Sync, in that they aren’t worth waiting for. We have the current egg pools:

5km: Combee, Buizel, Bronzor, Croagunk, Finneon, Snover

10km: Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum, Shinx, Riolu

The problem – 5km eggs:

It’s clear to see what the immediate problem is with these eggs. For the 5km eggs, they have chosen what seems to be a random assortment of Sinnoh Pokemon, instead of choosing others that may be more sought after. I feel that the most sought-after of these is Bronzor, or perhaps give Croagunk its shiny form for when this reshuffle happens. But a lot of these are undesired Pokemon that nobody wants to waste their time with when they could potentially fill their egg space with a rarer Pokemon that is needed for a Pokedex entry, or a shiny.

The solution:

Give priority to Pokemon which are very much sought-after, whether because they have shiny forms or they are very well-received.

New pool: Shelmet, Karrablast, Scyther, Skarmory, Croagunk, Roggenrola

I chose these six for a few reasons. Karrablast and Shelmet are relatively uncommon but are great for trade evolutions. If Croagunk was given its shiny, that would be lovely. Not everyone has had good luck with getting a Roggenrola, and Scyther and Skarmory have sought-after shinies.

The problem – 10km eggs:

As for 10km, it’s the same exact issue as we had before the major reshuffle. Out of all of these currently, only Riolu is sought-after due to Lucario’s position in the Fighting meta, as well as its recently released shiny. After having hatched nothing but Dratini, Larvitar and Beldum in the previous 10km batch before the shake-up, we’re saving another egg slot for this.

The solution:

As with the 5km egg pool, give priority to Pokemon who are heavily sought-after.

New pool: Gible, Timburr, Litwick, Deino, Riolu, Axew

Riolu stays in the egg pool, as it is hugely sought-after as Lucario is a meta-relevant Fighting-type attacker. The same is said for Conkeldurr, so Timburr gets the pass. After that, Gible and Deino are two pseudo-legendary Pokemon families that don’t get a lot of love in this game. Axew is another Pokemon that is super-rare, but hugely sought-after. I’m not sure if I know anyone who dislikes Haxorus.

What do you guys think? Please let me know if you’d make any changes to this pool! I feel that better rewards would make the Adventure Sync more worthwhile, especially in terms of keeping an egg slot open for these Pokemon.





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