Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Ranked

It’s about time I ranked all of the pseudo-legendary Pokemon, and considering we have nine of them, I can’t exactly do a top 10 list. So I’m ranking them instead.

If you’ve forgotten, all pseudo-legendary Pokemon have to have the following attributes: they have to have a base stat total of 600, they have to have a three-stage evolution line, and they need to have 1,250,000 experience at level 100.

We good? Great! So here is my list of pseudo-legendary Pokemon, from least favourite to favourite.



I mentioned before that I felt that Goodra was probably bottom of this list, but since then, I’ve changed my mind (yes, I’m allowed). I simply use Tyranitar in Pokemon Go, and that’s because it’s the best Rock-type attacker that I currently have that’s any good. Otherwise, I don’t really have a lot of love for it, but I appreciate it for what it is. Its shiny doesn’t really stand out either.



I always forget Kommo-o’s status as a pseudo-legendary Pokemon because it’s so easy to one-shot it with a simple Fairy-type move. It looks awesome, and if I had the places on my team for such a Pokemon, then fair game. However, it loses points because I always forget it exists as a pseudo-legendary. I do love its shiny though.



I think the entire line is quite adorable – even though it’s essentially a gooey dragon. It’s a bit lower on the list because I feel that Goodra should have been dual Dragon/Water, considering it evolves after level 50 when in normal rainy weather. This added element would have made it a bit better – but I have to give a shout-out to its shiny, which is lovely as heck.



Here we have the OG himself, and I really enjoy Dragonite for what it’s worth – it’s just a shame it tends to be outclassed by a lot of other Dragon-type Pokemon in the meta (looking at you Rayquaza). The one thing I dislike about it though is its shiny form – I’d rather it became the blue colour that we saw in Dratini and Dragonair.



Salamence is great. Salamence is class. Salamence is a generally less bulky Dragonite (albeit with more attacking power). We all like Salamence, but perhaps not its Mega Evolution, but I adore the shiny throughout the evolution line too, so it wins some bonus points there.



Here we have the other of two Hoenn pseudo-legendaries, not to mention Steven’s ace, Metagross. I put Metagross higher on this list for two reasons: 1) its Mega Evolution is far superior to that of Salamence, and 2) I prefer this shiny. I have fond memories of running to find a wild Metang in Nottingham when it was first released, and I love the concept of several Beldum coming together to form the Metagross.



Garchomp cleans house. It looks absolutely ferocious, exactly what you’d expect a land shark Pokemon to look like. Its only problem is its insane rarity in Pokemon Go – I’ve only seen two Gible in the wild since it was released earlier in 2019. They were essentially a spoofer’s prize, and it’s clear to see why, given that it’s so powerful.



In Pokemon Go, its predecessor Deino suffers the same problem as Gible does – and that comes down to its insane rarity. But it doesn’t have the power that Garchomp does, but I like Hydreigon more because it’s a fricking hydra, and I like how the evolution line just adds an extra head each time, much in the same way as the Doduo line (but much cooler). Shame about that 4x weakness to Fairy, though (much like Kommo-o).



I’ve already talked loads about Dragapult, and it all still stands – I like how it basically shoots its own children to attack (and if Dragapult is shiny, then the Dreepy are both shiny too). It’s a cool, sinister-looking Pokemon, and I had it in my final team going into the battle against Leon.

2 thoughts on “Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Ranked

  1. Tim

    Where did you get the Home sprites from? These look fantastic. And you’re totally right. If shiny Dragonite was Dratini-blue, that’d be amazing.


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