Pokemon GO Changes – COVID-19

A lot has happened in the wake of the Coronavirus making its way across the world, and there have been precautions taken in various countries to keep people safe (as of writing this, the UK has not taken these precautions).

LeekDuck did an amazing Abra Community Day edit which I decided to use for my featured photo. Thank you LeekDuck for your amazing infograpghics.



As we are aware, the St. Louis Safari Zone has been postponed, but there isn’t any word yet on any of the other Safari Zones. Currently, the Genesect Special Research is still to go ahead (I’ll share my feelings on that in another post). I feel that we will get more information on events such as Raid Hours and the Genesect Research closer to the time.

However, Abra Community Day has been cancelled for all countries (this was originally cancelled only in Japan, South Korea and Italy). While a lot of people have complained, please remember that a Community Day will amass a lot more popularity than a ticketed Special Research, and therefore a higher chance of spreading the coronavirus.



It’s worth noting that these changes are taking place until further notice. New quality-of-life updates have been brought in  – just yesterday (12th March) we saw a box of 30 Incense for ONE coin. No, it wasn’t a glitch or a bug, Niantic announced this in the same post as the postponed Community Day. It is a one-time purchase, and the rate of spawns for Incense has increased dramatically (I would say it’s like the Meltan box), and Incense lasts for one hour.

Along with this, there were given information that Pokestops will drop Gifts more frequently, and eggs that are placed into incubators during this period will be 1/2 distance, and there will be more Pokemon spawn points.

As before, we also have Legendary Pokemon as rewards in GO Battle League, for those who don’t want to (or can’t) raid with other people. Niantic has also confirmed the removal of the walking requirement for GO Battle League, in order to prioritise safety for the next 30 days, as well as the distance battling for Friends being reduced to a minimum of Good Friends.

Niantic has also announced that aside from EX Raids that have already been scheduled, there will be no new EX Raid invitations. This means that, possibly, we may never see a Regigigas EX Raid in this cycle again. Genesect is the next featured EX Raid, coming in April.

Next Steps: Bridging The Gap


Get it? Bridging? It’s a bridge? Tough crowd, huh.

On a more serious note, I think that while we have these measures in place, more could be done to help others. One of the things that keeps being brought up, especially now, is distance trading. Right now, we still have to be close to someone to trade, and it’s not beneficial if we get Lucky Friends with someone but can’t trade with them, even locally. To not make it too broken, I would suggest, like non-GBL PVP, we could be Ultra Friends with someone before doing a distance trade.

Niantic could also bring out a long-awaited feature – a home base. This home base can be a customisable Pokestop that only you can visit, and can only stay at your house. Instead of normal Pokestops, this can only be spun every ten minutes. This is because then it would be too over-powered. That way, they can also obtain Gifts to send to other friends, as well as maintain Field Research tasks and GO Rocket battles.

Speaking of Field Research, any tasks that require extensive walking, battling in Gyms and Raids should be temporarily removed in favour of any tasks that involve catching Pokemon, with the rewards that could have been obtained by the removed tasks.

Another way to make safety possible is either allowing 4* and 5* raids to be soloed, or even reducing the amount of those raids, to prevent possible large gatherings.

The safest thing to do would be to postpone all events to discourage reckless gameplay at this time. But that’s just my opinion.

So that’s the basics of what’s happening at the moment (as of 13th March, of course). Remember to stay safe, self-isolate if needs be and wash your hands! Also, hand sanitiser rocks!

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Changes – COVID-19

  1. Tim

    I’d be willing to see the Home Base feature you described be a spin every 30 minutes or something longer like that. Even in that situation, it’s still useful throughout the course of the day. I’d love that idea if it came to pass.


    1. thatlittlelola

      It’s been a feature that people have wanted to see for a long time. However, I think if any time is the right time to implement it, now is. 30 minutes would make it less broken, that’s for sure, but perhaps give out more items instead?

      Liked by 1 person

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