The Future of Community Days – Breaking the Pattern

We recently were given a teaser of a different Community Day for March, and it’s been recently announced that Abra would be the next Community Day Pokemon, and its day would be on March 15th.

But wait. Wasn’t it supposed to be Snivy’s turn?

Yes. Yes, it was.

But if you consider the traditional pattern, we would have to expect the Kalos release before September 2020, the Alola release before March 2021 and the Galar release before September 2021. This would then have to give Chespin, Rowlet and Grookey time in the wild before they have their Community Days. But considering we are nearing six months until September, and still so few Unova Pokemon released, it’s not feasible. Instead of continuing the pattern, Niantic has ditched it.

It makes sense for Niantic to ditch the pattern – they can now start to pave the way for other Community Day ideas and new themes. It doesn’t always have to be a three-stage evolution, it doesn’t have to have its shiny unreleased. It just needs to be a worthwhile Pokemon for a good day out. Honestly, they should have made the pattern completely random to ensure that we come across something unexpected.

The results – new ideas

I talked earlier on about what different ways to improve Community Days could be implemented, and that involved a lot of pattern-breaking and new ideas on ways that Community Day could be improved.

We had the infamous Community Day vote in February, with four distinct options – Rhyhorn, Vulpix, Machop and Dratini. While we don’t know exactly how all of the votes went, all we know is that Rhyhorn won, so we got a Rhyhorn Community Day, which wasn’t too bad at all despite the weather. I would rather have kept it to two Pokemon to vote for – four meant that there was obvious filler (Machop and Dratini) so we knew anyway that the vote would be split between two Pokemon. If they did a two-way vote, such as Gible vs Deino, it would be a lot more interesting.

We also received information relating to in-game code that states that there will be three more votes. I expect that these votes will take place for every other month’s Community Days from now on, so April, June and August will feature the voted for Pokemon. The votes are as follows:

Vote 1: Gastly, Sandshrew, Squirtle and Weedle

Vote 2: Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer and Porygon

Vote 3: Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Magikarp and Starly

We also have the 99 cent Special Research to coincide, called ‘Investigating Illusions’, which will offer similar benefits to the Regigigas Research, such as 13,000 Stardust, a Poffin, a Rocket Radar, 3 Incense and ‘other rewards’. We are (as of writing) unsure as to what this entails, and I would rather hold off on parting with my money until we know everything that we’re getting from the event. However, as a single Poffin is usually 100 coins (79p here), and Incense has been reduced to 40 coins each, I think you’re getting a lot more for your money. However, it’s a microtransaction. It’s not something I’m fond of having on every single Community Day. I would have preferred a free Special Research to activate after completing three Field Research though – that would be cool.

I’d still want to see the possibility of a compilation-type Community Day, where you have a theme and those are the increased spawns (for example, pseudo-legendaries, certain Pokemon with wild shiny evolutions released, etc.).

Worst case – discontinuation of Community Day

Now that we have the Spotlight Hour, that sort-of acts like a Community Hour with an already-released shiny coming to the forefront for an hour. Oh but wait, the Spotlight Hour no longer features specific Pokemon. Silly me! Moving on…

I’ve already been seeing comments on how some are no longer interested in Community Days, even if the Pokemon are fan favourites such as Alakazam. Some are hella pissed because they got their shiny during the Go Fest in Chicago and it’s no longer a rarity (well it still is, it’s a shiny that was released at the wrong time).

I feel that not many people are going to be happy with any Community Day choice unless it’s Gible or Deino. I can agree with that, as both of those Pokemon are super-rare to come across, but it’d be inevitable for everyone to complain about anything except those two.

But I feel that if enough people complain, then Community Day would pretty much stop, much like the Research Days (Minccino aside, as that was part of a larger event). It’d be a shame, as I think that’s the only time a lot of players come into the game, and that’s where most of my gameplay will be from now on, too.

What do you guys think about the Community Day shake-up? I wanna know! Do you have any other improvements or ideas that could be implemented?

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