Top 10 Gigantamax Pokemon

Hey! We’re definitely in the swing of the top 10 lists, and we’ll carry on – this time, with Gigantamax Pokemon! This will obviously include the Pokemon that are currently coded into the game, and not part of the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions that we will be seeing later this year.

I won’t keep you too long, so without further ado, here are my opinions!

10 – Butterfree


Butterfree was done dirty when it didn’t get a Mega Evolution back in Gen 6, so I’m happy that Butterfree got some love, and I’ve been enjoying taking them on in the Max Raid event that it first came out in. I don’t really use them, but I think out of the options we have, it’s definitely up in the top 10!

9 – Flapple/Appletun


I put them both in the same ranking because even though they originate from different Pokemon, and they have a different G-Max move, they are essentially the same in terms of design. I remember going into a Max Raid hoping it was Appletun, as I was on Sword, and I’d jumped into someone else’s raid. It was Appletun, thankfully, and I managed to catch it.

8 – Alcremie


Looking at Gigantamax Alcremie makes me hungry, and also kinda reminds me of this Safiya Nygaard video. Gigantamax Alcremie goes from being a simple pile of cream to an actual wedding cake, and I’m not gonna lie, I want this design for my own wedding cake.

7 – Orbeetle


Orbeetle is literally a huge UFO beetle, and it’s a great concept to build upon the original Orbeetle. It’s a fitting design, and I ended up with a 6IV one with Telepathy. Orbeetle is a great choice to add to the Gigantamax roster – it’s a Pokemon that I really like, but I just forget occasionally.

6 – Corviknight


I really liked the concept of Corviknight, and the Gigantamax form makes it more intimidating with its lengthened wingspan. I’d be intimidated if a Gigantamax Corviknight was in a dark alley, not gonna lie. It’s not higher on this list though because it doesn’t add a whole lot else to Corviknight in terms of any of its features.

5 – Kingler


Kingler was a Pokemon that I didn’t expect to get a Gigantamax form, but I’m glad it did, just for its sheer beauty. It kinda looks like one of those crabs that looks very tasty (I’m not really a crab connoisseur, I just think crab cannelloni is a beautiful dish).

4 – Gengar


Gengar looks absolutely menacing here, and it takes cues from its Mega Evolution, where it partially sinks into the ground. Gengar here kinda looks like one of those haunted tunnels you see in theme parks, coupled with the tongue to make a kind of red carpet. Its shiny also takes cues from its Mega Evolution, turning white instead of just a few shades darker. Gengar is up there in terms of its main design elements!

3 – Centiskorch


Centiskorch was the bane of my existence, having gone through so many Max Raid battles just to get my first Gigantamax, and I think I named it Sunuvame afterwards. So I finally got one, and I don’t think I’ve used it since, because I haven’t found the right opportunity to use one when I’m set in my ways, but I love the design though.

2 – Sandaconda


Sandaconda was my first Gigantamax catch, and I was so happy with it. It ended up being a part of my final team, and even though I didn’t use the Gigantamax against Leon, it was still a great thing to have on the backburner to make things a little easier if I needed that trump card.

1 – Toxtricity


My favourite Pokemon has a Gigantamax form that as of February has been released. I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a story-based event, considering it’s hinted at being the Pokemon on the hillside in Turffield. Nonetheless, it’s a lovely G-Max, and its G-Max Stun Shock move is horrendously good, with its infliction of status conditions that can be crippling to an unprepared opponent. I was so happy to finally get a G-Max version of Neo.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Gigantamax Pokemon

    1. thatlittlelola

      The only one I need (Melmetal aside) is Gengar. Managed to get my first Machamp yesterday on the first time though. I think I have a spare Kingler anyway


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