I Quit Pokemon GO for a Week

So I quit Pokemon Go.

I mean, I wrote earlier the reasons why I almost quit, and why I haven’t quit yet. Until now, that is. I decided to quit actively playing, only opening the game to check on eggs or Adventure Sync, so perhaps only once or twice per day.

So…how did it go down?

The Beginning of the End

I preface this by saying that I’m a Day One player, and up until now have not missed a day of solid gameplay which at least consisted of a Pokestop spin, a catch and a completed Research Task (okay, I missed two days of Research back in 2018, but we only had one Pokestop and the task was to spin 10 Pokestops).

It started on 29th February, when news broke about all of March’s events. Truth be told, I felt very bogged down at that point, and the cracks were already there. So I decided (after catching a Pikachu and opening some gifts earlier) that I wasn’t going to play for a while, only opening the game to open eggs and claim an Adventure Sync reward. I’d originally planned the week’s break for just after the Pokemon Day event, but I decided to do it earlier because I wasn’t missing out on much – I’d already got a shiny party-hat Eevee, after all.

I didn’t uninstall, as I was keeping Adventure Sync going, but I wasn’t interested in playing. And it took a while to get out of the habit of checking my phone for any Pokemon, as I’ve been used to having my phone in my hand for the better part of four years.

However, it meant that I would also be missing out on the Gengar/Nidoran Raid Day, which I wasn’t particularly bothered about, and having read that the shiny rates were abysmal, I didn’t want any part of that. The only time I checked in on the game was to get the eggs hatched. However, throughout the rest of the day, I did have the urge to check on the game, and that goes to show the habits that I’d formed over the past few years, and I needed to be able to break those habits.

It Started Sinking In…

It was the same the very next day, although I wanted to claim the Adventure Sync rewards and to check on the hatching eggs. It really wasn’t worth it, and while it was odd not playing on the bus journeys, it meant that I was nearly falling asleep on the bus instead.

I also started thinking about the long-term for this, and what I was going to do after this. Sometimes if I was bored, I would switch to play Pokemon Go, and while it would encourage me to leave the house, I no longer felt compelled to leave the house as much as I used to be. While I initially based this blog as Pokemon Go-based, because I ventured out into other avenues, I no longer require Pokemon Go. I still had to write up posts that I’d started.

I’d also removed myself from the Telegram groups – both the main chat and the Wayfarer – the latter was down to elitism and the former was due to it being relegated to a shiny show-off group. Plus it allowed me to take more focus from the game, but I’ve stayed in the much smaller group because there aren’t that many of us in there.

I managed to tear myself away from caring about what other people do with their accounts, and I realised along the way that I stopped caring what other people do in-game. I have my own worries and problems, I don’t need to worry about what other people do with pixels on a screen.

The End

I did open my game to sort out some things (mainly to do with Home integration), and I got a shiny Grimer…okay.

And finally, on March 7th, I uninstalled the game. Yes, I will be reinstalling for Community Day.

Final thoughts? Yeah, it’s been good to not have to worry about constantly playing and still being behind on things. I think the break from the game may extend with the exception of Community Days, and even then that’s only because I still want to write round-up posts (they do generally well on here, after all).

10 thoughts on “I Quit Pokemon GO for a Week

  1. Tim

    I’m not to the point where I’m ready to uninstall, if only because I need to get stuff out of Go for Home. That means I’ll probably still play passively for now. That said, I do find myself playing a lot less. Part of that is because it’s been a busy last month or so. But I’m just losing interest in the game as a whole in large part because of Niantic’s mismanagement of various game functions and events.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I’m probably going to reinstall once Home integration comes out, grab everything I need and then uninstall again. It’s got to the point where the game is no longer fun for me, and it’s not worth the stress anymore. I do have a post coming in a couple of weeks that highlights the reasons why I’ve made the decision in more detail.


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