Ways to Improve Regular Events in Pokemon GO

Normal, regular events tend to be boring of late, and I want to spice them up! By regular events, I mean those that are always solidified in our calendars (barring one on this list, but it’s a forward-plan). They aren’t spontaneous events or a party-hat party.

I spoke to my good friend, Sam, to help me with some ideas that might improve our events. I also came up with some myself.

Raid Hour

Change times and days depending on the season

I think a lunch hour would work better during the winter seasons, whereas in summer it can remain at 6pm. Obviously, have these switched depending on the season in each hemisphere. I’m saying this for safety reasons.

2 or 3 guaranteed free Raid Passes for the hour

Having more Raid Passes would be great, as to incentivise raiding more. These Raid Passes would only be available for this hour, so make sure you use them up!

Mix up the Pokemon

We had a massive Raid Hour during the Extraordinary Raid Week event last year, and I think it’d be great to bring that concept back. I’d like to see a theme of raids depending on the week. So for example, an hour dedicated to 1* Raids, or an hour dedicated to Shinx (are Shinx even in normal Raid pools now, haven’t seen one in forever?). It’s so that it switches things up from being 5* only.

Raid Hour Field Research

I’d like to see the idea of Raid Hour Field Research, like ‘Win 2 Raids’ and receive items or Pokemon that are raid-locked (such as Shinx, Klink, Timburr, Mawile, Absol, Alolan Raichu/Marowak and Galarian Weezing), or for a Pokemon encounter that’s locked behind GO Battle League (such as Rufflet or Scraggy). It’d encourage more people to do Raid Hours.

Spotlight Hour

Never do a Spotlight Hour without a featured Pokemon

This is a given. For the first two Spotlight Hours, we had Onix and Spoink featured. But we’ve had two more since that only increased the spawns, without any Pokemon featured. This should never happen – at least draw the players into a Spotlight Hour with an uncommon Pokemon with a shiny released. I don’t care if it’s Caterpie.

Featured types could work

I mention this so that if they didn’t want to spotlight a single Pokemon, they could spotlight a type instead. So we could see an hour of featured Fairy-types, such as Clefairy, Snubbull and Ralts.

Include specific Field Research

An interesting idea would be to have Field Research active for the hour. For example, ‘Catch 10 Pokemon’ for a reward that is the Spotlight Pokemon. It’d encourage people to catch the Pokemon instead of shiny checking before leaving it alone.

Research Day

Make it last all day instead of a 3-hour period

This is what I loved about Lotad Research Day – it lasted most of the day, and I was able to go my own pace with the tasks. However, I can see why people would prefer the 3-hour window. I just think the all-day timeframe works better because of people that may not be able to make it to the initial 3-hour window.

New Field Research rotating every 1-2 hours

What I mean by this is have the Field Research task refresh every so often, so that the same stop will get multiple Research tasks. This allows people that live in rural areas (or that don’t want to travel far) to pick up multiple tasks.

Make the tasks centred around catching, transferring and throws

What happens when you’re Valor, your local Gyms are all Valor, and you just got three Research tasks telling you to use a super-effective move? You delete them, right? But what if you didn’t need to?

Improve quality of spawns

We had issues where we would find ‘Catch a Sentret’ tasks or something to that extent, but not find any for miles. I feel that spawn points should increase drastically so that the tasks could be completed with relative ease, and only the related Pokemon should spawn (so nests would be overridden by Research spawns).

Improve the shiny rate

I’m the odd one out with this in our group, as I only got two shiny Minccino in around 60 tasks. I conferred, and the shiny rate for encounters needs to be higher for it to be worthwhile (yes, I went 2 hours without the shiny). I’d also say improve the shiny rate of the Research spawns too, but only by a little in comparison to the encounter rate.

Community Day

For voting instances, have two choices instead of four

Having four choices to vote from meant that the tasks were heavily diluted. Instead of having to vote for four Pokemon, we should have had two. That way it’d be a more interesting competition, especially if each Pokemon is heavily sought after (for example, if Gible and Deino went up against each other for the vote).

For voting, make the requirement to vote only be 10 Pokemon caught

As I previously said, having to catch 20 Pokemon to vote for a Pokemon was very taxing, and if you don’t have many spawn points, then it’s a chore just to get a couple of votes down. If you had to catch any amount of Pokemon, let it be 10, and then you can probably get some more voting tasks done. We’d also be able to grind harder for the Stardust rewards!

Have all Gyms have a 3-hour Community Day Raid for that Pokemon and its family

How many shinies did you get that ended up horrible? Exactly. This is why I thought that all Gyms could have a 3-hour Raid for the Community Day Pokemon and its evolution line, and the shiny rates will stay the same (and be introduced to the evolved forms). That way you’re at least likely to get a shiny Pokemon with guaranteed 67+% IVs. My next point would be another reward.

Introduce Community TMs

This would be such a huge asset to the Community Day because a lot of people don’t have the wanted Community Day exclusive move on some of their best Pokemon (I know I have that problem). I even had to save a stray 100% Ralts until December so I could get Synchronoise onto it as a Gardevoir (it was a female). During the Community Day and up to two hours after, you can obtain guaranteed Community TMs from Raids, of which you can use to give a Pokemon its missing Community Day exclusive move.

I wanna know what I’m missing, and what else could be done to improve on the regular events that we have.


4 thoughts on “Ways to Improve Regular Events in Pokemon GO

  1. Tim

    Additional thought on the raid hour field research – I say make it an encounter with whatever the featured raid Pokémon is. That way if someone has horrid luck with catches on their raids, they get a guaranteed catch after X raids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatlittlelola

      I like that idea, actually. It incentivises raiding more as well, and I know the feeling of having horrid luck with catching Pokemon (looking at you, Lugia!).

      Liked by 1 person

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