Top 10 Mega Evolutions

The concept of Mega Evolutions may be dead and long gone, but I can’t help but reminisce of what could have been. We still have questions, like if they’ll ever be brought back in any capacity. I feel that they will be featured in Pokemon Go, but I doubt there’ll be any new ones created.

But let’s reminisce about my personal top 10 Mega Evolutions.


10 – Rayquaza


Broken. The fact that it doesn’t have to hold a Mega Stone makes it broken as hell. It’s just broken.

9 – Blaziken


Mega Blaziken doesn’t need the Speed Boost Ability, with the base Speed stat of 100. But it bloody got it anyway, and it can clean house. I’ve heard a lot about Mega Blaziken being able to finish an entire X/Y story by itself and I’m not surprised, with the base 160 Attack. Oh boy, you don’t want to mess with this burning chicken of death.

8 – Kangaskhan


One thing I love about Mega Kangaskhan is that it’s the baby that Mega Evolves rather than the mother herself. In Gen 6, Parental Bond was broken, with the second attack being half as strong as the first, but was reduced to 25% in Gen 7 – bear in mind Mega Kangaskhan’s base Attack is 125. It’s the ultimate parent/child tag-team.

7 – Mewtwo Y


Mega Mewtwo Y (we’ll call it Y from here on out) keeps to its roots in terms of its Special Attack capabilities – its base stat is a monstrous 194. The reason why it’s better than X is that the vast majority of moves that Mewtwo learns by level up are Special moves, with the exception of Psycho Cut. Admittedly, Mewtwo Y is broken, although not as broken as Rayquaza.

6 – Altaria


I quite like that Mega Altaria gets rid of its 4x weakness to Ice in this Mega Evolution, and is the only Dragon-type that is immune to itself, because of its newly-added Fairy-type. Aside from HP and Speed, it also has quite an even stat spread, allowing you to do what you want with this literal cloud.

5 – Swampert


I chose Mudkip as my starter in ORAS, and boy was he a bruiser, especially when I chose to Mega Evolve him. He’s still not the fastest thing on the field, but he hits so hard – although I think his low Speed is credited to the fact he skipped leg day. He was just so fun to bring out for a bit of extra strength on the team.

4 – Ampharos


I love this walking shampoo advert. The Mega Evolution adds to its already impressive Special Attack but takes away from its Speed a little. If we had Mega Evolutions in the Johto region, I probably would have chosen Ampharos for my Mega slot, personally.

3 – Aerodactyl


I love that Aerodactyl was the only Fossil Pokemon that can Mega Evolve, and it didn’t need it, but it ended up gaining one, building on its already incredible Speed stat and made its Attack stat a lot more viable than before. Plus it looks absolutely badass, with rocks covering it in its supposed true form, according to the Pokedex.

2 – Mawile


Mawile had a huge glow-up concerning its Mega Evolution. It was just an average Pokemon but gains huge boosts in Attack, Defense and Special Defense. It also gains the Huge Power Ability which doubles the Attack stat. Basically, Mega Mawile has a base Attack stat of 210, which is disgusting. I’ll probably use Mega Mawile more if I do another ORAS playthrough in the future.

1 – Absol


I have to go with Absol, as it was one of the Mega Evolutions I used to love using in ORAS alongside Swampert. Its Magic Bounce Ability was fun to troll throughout the game, and like others on this list, builds on its already-impressive Physical Attack stat. Plus Mega Absol is beautiful, even just to look at.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Mega Evolutions

  1. Tim

    Mega Altaria might be my favorite evolution/mega evolution type change that happens across all gens. It just makes so much sense for this to be a Fairy/Dragon. Had Fairy type existed when Swablu was first released, I feel as though it would have been Fairy/Flying, then lost the Fairy type upon evolution, only to get it back.

    I enjoy that two of my five favorite megas (Mawile, Ampharos) made your top 5 while another (Blaziken) is also in the top ten. I’d have Beedrill and Blastoise in there as well. That said, everyone know what the real need is — mega Shuckle. Not that I wrote a post on this or anything once upon a time.


      1. Tim

        Same. I also can’t see them coming back. I really wish Game Freak would stop trying to introduce a totally new thing to do to Pokemon with every game. Megas were cool. Z-moves were fine. Dynamax is….eh? I loved the creativity in early games with the introduction of double battles, triple battles, rotation battles, and even the on inverse battle that was a thing. I’d like much more of that if I could choose. That said, stick with one way of making Pokemon OP.


      2. thatlittlelola

        I think Dynamax only works in the context of Galar, although I think they are much better than Z-Moves. They need to bring Megas back, at least for Diamond and Pearl remakes


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