My Thoughts on February’s Writing Challenge

At the end of January, I announced a new writing challenge, but instead of writing 30 short stories, I was going to open up the criteria so that any post that I wrote would count towards the challenge.

This gave me a lot more freedom to think and consider, and I wasn’t limiting myself to any singular kind of post. For November’s version, I exclusively did short stories – this did not leave me with much room to plan other posts and schedule them, nor did I have the time to think of a different kind of post. It was hard writing these short stories while also writing about the Colossal Discovery event, for example. I’d felt burned out with writing stories, and it shows in the quality of some of them, I think. However, it gave me the perfect opportunity to use all of the prompts that my good friend Tim had delivered for a separate project of his.

This time, I had different kinds of posts to work with, and I’d already had some Pokemon lists scheduled, so I just needed to plan around that. Minccino Research Day and Rhyhorn Community Day were also posts that I was going to work on after the fact. Everything else came as it did.

The system also gave me the motivation to write the things that I had put off for a while, such as the posts about the places I’d been to, as well as different Pokemon-related posts. I also planned to have bonus short stories in the case that I didn’t have an idea for a new post to come that day – and I exercised that option a few times.

Will I do something like this again? Absolutely. I found it a lot more refreshing than the previous challenge, and I didn’t feel nearly as burnt out from the process. I actually started working on a new project towards the end of this challenge, and I can’t wait to get it finished!

Sorry, this is a short post. There’s not a whole lot that I can say without waffling about, so I’m finding the perfect spot to end this post. Thank you all for your continued support!

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on February’s Writing Challenge

  1. Tim

    I’m so behind on the last week of your posts. I promised you taking a comment off topic in a short story post but haven’t gotten to that yet. Fail.


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