A Fateful Event – Short Story Saturdays


Today marks the last Short Story Saturday of the month, but it’s not the end! Actually, I decided to carry on doing these, because I’ve been having fun writing them. I grabbed yet another prompt for this one:

Amazon has invented time travel and introduced pre-emptive shipping. Today, you receive something completely unexpected from your future self.’

I was reminded of an Amazon delivery I’d had last week when it came to writing this!

The intercom rang for me, and I jumped off the sofa, eager to reach the phone. I picked it up, and greeted with a questioning ‘Hello?’

‘It’s Amazon!’ the voice greeted back. I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon since Christmas, I thought to myself. I thought I’d humour the guy, nonetheless.

‘I’ll buzz you through,’ I spoke, before pressing the red button and putting the phone back into its holster. I decided to check my Amazon account, just in case someone had cheekily bought me something from my wishlist – I wasn’t that lucky in the end. I mean, it was my birthday last week, I thought to myself before the Amazon guy knocked on the door. I almost ran to the door, unlocking it and the courier handed me the package with a quick ‘See ya!’ before heading off. I could only mumble a small ‘thanks’ before closing and locking the door.

I walked back into the living room and opened the package, which was a standard envelope-style, which could have easily fit through the letterbox. Inside the package was a book. A small book. I didn’t recognise the author, nor the title, but from what I could tell, it was a book with an abundance of short stories. It definitely wasn’t on my wishlist, that much I could tell. It also came with a bookmark – someone out there knew that I kept misplacing all of my bookmarks and had to keep buying replacements. It was a cute bookmark with the Slytherin crest on. So someone knows I’m a Slytherin, too. And that’s when the realism hit me – they knew my address, too!

I sat at my computer, contemplating what to do. My first instinct was to start Googling the book and the author, but then I stopped myself. A small niggling feeling came to the back of my head, telling me to check on my blog instead. I had started writing a blog but went into what was supposed to be a brief hiatus. That hiatus lasted nearly two years, and this was the first that I’d thought about it since.

Does it have something to do with this book?

I loaded up my blog analytics and found some notifications. When I went on to a hiatus, I wasn’t gaining any views, and I felt it a pointless venture. But that notification meant that someone had read my work in the past two years.

Marcus commented: it’s great to see another blogger doing this kind of content! It’s a shame you’re on a hiatus, but hit me up if you want to discuss things.” The person named Marcus left his Twitter handle in the comments, and I looked him up. It was then I’d realised where his name was familiar – he was the author of the book that I’d just had delivered. I launched straight into his Direct Messages and started messaging.

“Hi, you commented on my blog a little while back. I just wanted to thank you for visiting the blog. I’ve just had your book delivered randomly today.” I wrote, feeling myself shaking as I started the message.

“Hi! Thanks for getting back in touch! Amazon does time travel now, you can pre-emptively ship to your past self,” Marcus wrote back. When I read the last message, I felt like the dumbest person alive. Amazon had only recently launched pre-emptive shipping, so the concept felt alien to me. Of course, I could bypass the Amazon Prime payments and make sure that I have the products when I wanted them.

A week had passed, and I’d made my first blog post in two years, as well as holding conversations with Marcus. It was then that I decided to send my past self a little gift.

I bought that book, as well as the bookmark, and selected the option to send it to myself for this date. Of course, I wouldn’t be relaunching my blog and talking to someone new if I didn’t buy my past self the book, would I? With that in mind, I knew I’d set up my own fateful encounter.

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