Even More of my Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

I did a post quite a while back about the nicknames I gave to my 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Think of this one as a sequel! I have no post ideas right now except this, and more 100% IV Pokemon to go through! Currently, I have 60 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including the ones I gave nicknames to before.

I did make some changes, and these will be listed below:

Mr. Mime – ‘NoReason’ – originally called ‘Master Mime’, I changed the name of this one because of the Galarian version obtaining the evolution of Mr. Rime. I decided to nickname my Kantonian form after the phrase ‘no rhyme, no reason’, as a play on words.

Arbok  – ‘SolidSnake’ – originally called ‘Slithers’, I remembered the existence of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games. It’s a cheap cop-out, but it works.

Gardevoir – ‘Synchronice’ – originally called ‘Rats’ pre-evolution, my nickname mechanic doesn’t allow for Synchronoice as a nickname, hence the name I’ve given it, as it has the move Synchronoise.

Linoone – ‘Notstagoon’ – originally called ‘Linooooo’ because I wasn’t after it, this is another Pokemon with a Galarian form that I have the Hoenn form of. And because this one can’t evolve into Obstagoon, it’s been given this appropriate nickname instead.

Alolan Raichu – ‘Hawaii’ – Alolan Raichu was a Lucky Trade randomly after trading Connor a spare Unown. It became my 50th 100% IV Pokemon, and because it’s an Alolan form, I decided to pay homage to the show Hawaii Five-O.

Alolan Ninetales – ‘Snowy’– I got a female Alolan Vulpix that came out with 100% IVs, so I named it after Lillie’s Vulpix in the anime.

Lopunny – ‘Lola Bunny’ – I basically named this Lopunny after another heavily sexualised cartoon rabbit.

Scizor – ‘Mantis’ – I got the idea from the wargame and military sci-fi franchise BattleTech. There is a Light Mech called the Mantis, and that’s how I came up with the nickname.

Yanmega – ‘Sparx’ – I named this one after the dragonfly companion in the Spyro series. I’d recently played through the Reignited Trilogy when I got this Pokemon, and it was just too fitting at the time.

Porygon2 – ‘GORocket’ – This Pokemon was 93% as a Shadow Porygon, and purified it to 100%. It’s currently my only perfect Purified Pokemon, and I’m saving it for a (hopefully) future Porygon Community Day, so it can evolve into a Porygon-Z.

Tentacruel – ‘Ten Tickles‘ – I got this during the Supereffective Week through a Research reward, and it was fitting to name it after the shiny Tentacool I got in Let’s Go.

Dewott – ‘Oshikuru’ – Because this evolves into a Samurai, and because of Oshawott’s name, I wanted to pay homage to that one Two and a Half Men episode, where Charlie Sheen was penning the opening theme.

Lopunny – ‘Codpiece’ – This has nothing to do with the Pokemon. The night I caught this, we’d played the one D&D session where we tried to spread the word of the Cult of the Codpiece before I got the TPK due to some dud rolls. To honour the fun we had, I named my Lopunny ‘Codpiece’.

Hippowdon – ‘Gaara‘ – This was kind of a no-brainer for me. I do miss the old Hippowdon sprite where it was pouring sand. I still named him after Gaara, who is my favourite character in the Naruto series, and probably my favourite anime character overall.

Roserade – ‘Rosa‘ – This is my second 100% IV Roserade, and I named it as I did because it came from an egg that a friend sent over from Spain. The feminine name is annoying me somewhat, considering the Roserade is male, but I’ll make it work.

3 thoughts on “Even More of my Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

  1. Tim

    I really like Ten Tickles a lot. It’s a good pun. Also, I like how Lopunny got named after a sexualized cartoon rabbit when it itself is. The parellels make me happy.


    1. thatlittlelola

      The parallel to Lopunni and Lola Bunny was what inspired the nickname anyway, so it was fitting. I genuinely have a soft spot for Ten Tickles, it was a shame I didn’t get a shiny during that event, but I’ll take a hundo.


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