Favourite Things To Do In Lincoln

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Lincoln was literally my second home (I went there briefly for university), and I still love this charming small city. It’s only a short drive away from my hometown, and so I tend to visit regularly. I met one of my close friends there while playing Pokemon Go, and I’m always amazed by what Lincoln has to offer.

So I’ll give you some of what the city has to offer!

The Hotel

As always, I’m starting off with the hotel, and this time, I’m choosing the Premier Inn Lincoln City Centre. The benefit of this hotel is that it is in a very central location, and it’s only a short walk away from the Usher Gallery and the shops. Across the road is a lovely cafe, but I’ll get to that shortly!

If you want to be a bit further away from city life, but still within walking distance, I recommend the Holiday Inn Express at Brayford Park. It’s really close to the university campus, and it’s easy to see from a distance. It is located close to other fast-food chains such as Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.

The Food

There are plenty of amazing places to eat in Lincoln. There are chain restaurants such as Nando’s, Toby Carvery, Wetherspoons and Wagamama to name a few, and you can find a lot of them along the walk down the Brayford Pool. There are some other places where you can eat that do a fantastic job – I’m a sucker for an all-you-can-eat, and so I love going to The Taste, which is one of those Chinese buffet places, and I’ve never had a bad experience yet (touch wood). I’ve also heard the Wig & Mitre Restaurant is really good. If you’re looking for something a little different, I recommend Madame Waffle, which does really amazing waffle meals, both sweet and savoury.

Steep Hill


Steep Hill is that one huge hurdle you have to climb to get to (what I believe) Lincoln’s best attractions. All you need to do is head up through the High Street and away you go! Steep Hill is murderous if you take it all in one go, but if you stop to take a look at the variety of local shops and tearooms, it’s worth the trip up (or down). Steep Hill is part of the very old area of Lincoln, and it’s always worth heading up through there.

If you pass by Bunty’s Tea Room, there is a very charming poem about cake!

Perhaps once you’ve made it down the hill, head over to The Strait and Narrow!

Usher Gallery/The Collection

The Usher Gallery and The Collection are both worthwhile pit-stops on your journey up the hill. The Collection is an archaeology museum that was more recently opened and adjoins the Usher Gallery, which is dedicated to artwork. The main exhibition at The Collection features information and items from Lincoln’s vast history, dating back to the Stone Age.

It is open daily from 10am until 4pm and is free to enter.

Lincoln Castle/Cathedral


The Castle and Cathedral are the two main reasons why you climbed all the way to the top of Steep Hill – am I right? To the left is the Castle, so let’s talk about that first! The castle itself is an attraction where you can walk around and experience the sights, or take part in one of the various events. The castle has undergone maintenance work over the years, to ensure it’s up to standard.

You can buy different tickets, and these can be listed here. Also, don’t miss out on the gift shop!

You can also get a joint ticket to go with the Cathedral so that you can visit both in one fell swoop! The Cathedral prices can be found here. The Cathedral is an amazing piece of architecture and is also home to several events. The entire space is utilised amazingly, and my favourite part of the Cathedral is the courtyard. The Cathedral is also the host of graduation ceremonies for the University of Lincoln, and the Castle is the host of the celebrations before and after the event.

Lincoln Arboretum

The Arboretum is a gorgeous area to be in for Lincoln. There is easy access via car, as there is parking nearby. The Arboretum isn’t too far from the city centre either, so you won’t be spending any longer than ten minutes getting there.

As with other arboretums, it boasts a Victorian bandstand, as well as a children’s play area and beautiful gardens, fountains and a lovely scenic view in general.

Red Panda Gaming Cafe

Here’s a hidden gem. Right next to Tesco Express on the High Street, you’ll find Red Panda Gaming Cafe, and it’s exactly as you’d expect. Head through the orange door and up the stairs, and you’ll find plenty of games to play for a small fee, or if you just want a coffee, there’s no gaming charge. They have different events taking place as well, and you can keep updated via their Facebook page!


Lincoln hosts a wide variety of markets throughout the year. Farmer’s Markets take place on both the High Street and Castle Hill, and you can find out the dates of these markets here.

Lincoln also hosts the four-day Christmas Market in early December. This market, in particular, has a wide variety of stalls, ranging from handmade gifts to Christmas ornaments and decorations, alcohol and so much food! There are also amusements and fairground rides, as well as live music and entertainment. My personal recommendation is that if you prefer not to be in a large crowd, go on a Friday if you can. It’s nowhere near as busy as if you were there on a Saturday.

The Brayford


This picture is five years old, but nonetheless, it’s one of the remaining features of Lincoln that I thoroughly enjoy. It can be viewed from the many restaurants, as well as the university campus across the water. You’ll find boats being driven (is that the right word?) and plenty of swans in the water. You’ll either walk across or under the bridge that I call the ‘overly-attached bridge’, because it says “Where are you going?” and “Where have you been” on either side. From there, you’ll find what is called the Glory Hole at High Bridge (yes, it really is called the Glory Hole).

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