Top 10 Galar Pokemon

‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo! We’ve come to the final part of this current top 10 series, and don’t worry – there’s plenty more to come! I want to go over my choice for top 10 Pokemon from the Galar region! These choices do not include Pokemon from the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions that we will see later this year.

So here are my choices:

10 – Corviknight


I’ve loved Corviknight since it was revealed, and I love the entire line, to be honest. I love its Steel-typing to go along with its clear Flying-type, and its design reminded me of Honchkrow and Skarmory combined, and I’m very happy with it, despite not using it much. I love the idea that they’re used as a taxi service, and its shiny form is gorgeous too.

9 – Rapidash


Having had the Sword version, being surprise-traded this beauty as a Ponyta was great! While the role could have been filled with Hatterene, I found myself wanting to use Rapidash more, especially as it was the Galarian form that I was most excited for since its announcement. I still use Rapidash when I do certain Max Raid battles.

8 – Dracovish


This thing is literally disgusting. How is it that this unassuming Pokemon has those Fishious Rend, Strong Jaw, Choice Band strats? I’m amazed by it, and I can’t wait to hunt a shiny so I can get in on that competitive scene at some point. Also at least this thing doesn’t have an upside-down head…

7 – Cursola


I hunted for a shiny Corsola back in December, and I got one on Christmas Day, and named it Scrooge because it was the Christmas coral! Cursola builds on the lore of Galarian Corsola, of which it’s based on bleached, and therefore basically dead coral. I love its Hidden Ability, Perish Body, which activates upon being attacked, and both Cursola and the attacker will faint after 3 turns. We love a good Cursola!

6 – Arctozolt


Arctozolt is personally my favourite of the mismatched fossils, shirking the trope of being part Rock-type, instead going for Electric/Ice, which we’ve never seen before (Rotom Frost aside). The poor thing literally shivers and it’s adorable as hell. Apart from speed, it has solid base stats across the board, and it’s so vibrant that you couldn’t not notice it.


5 – Falinks


Falinks made it this high up purely because of this Twitter page. I loved Falinks anyway, from its origin as being based on the phalanx formation, to its gorgeously-animated No Retreat animation, as well as its shiny form. Falinks is a very well-rounded Pokemon, and I can’t find much wrong with it. Its place in the Pokedex and my list is very…meme-ingful!

4 – Cinderace


I have to give you some backstory. In Scunthorpe, our football (or soccer to you American readers) team has a mascot known as the Scunny Bunny. We also had a legendary striker known as Billy Sharp. Good ol’ days. So in honour, I named my Scorbunny Billy. And it’s the first time in a long time I had so much fun with a Fire-type starter. Its Pyro Ball signature move is beautiful, and I can’t wait until it gets its Hidden Ability, Libero.

3 – Frosmoth


I love that this majestic creature came from the very cute Snom. It has a great shiny too, and I really need to hunt this shiny (if I haven’t hunted this shiny by the time this goes out, please tell me to!). It is one of the Pokemon that made me pay attention to Ice-types, and it’s improved my view on the type in general.

2 – Dragapult


Dragapult did something that hasn’t happened for a while, and that was a pseudo-legendary Pokemon that I immediately loved upon first sight. I was so happy to have been surprise-traded a battle-ready Dreepy with the right nature. It became a fun Pokemon to use, especially during the battle against Leon.

1 – Toxtricity


Toxtricity has done what I thought was impossible, and surpassed a lot of my long-standing favourites and made itself king of the castle. In my other post about all-time favourite Pokemon, Toxtricity’s entry was surprising to those who have known me for a long time. I’ve enjoyed using Toxtricity, and Gigantamax Toxtricity even more so – I did hunt hard for this when it first came out.

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