Even More Pokemon Concepts


You’ll remember last month I made a collaborative post with my good friend Tim, where we took the remaining unused type combinations and came up with our own Pokemon concepts. As you probably saw, all of mine were Pokemon I had created for the Lumaria region. That was unintentional, but I ran with it anyway.

I wanted to go over some new Pokemon that I’d created that were ineligible for that post. These are ten of my favourites from what is left.


Sporleao is the first of the Sports Trio. They’re not Legendaries, but they are part of a set. Sporleao is Grass/Fighting and is based on the crest of Sporting CP. Its name is a portmanteau of ‘Sporting’ and the Portuguese word for ‘lion’. Its only Ability is Derby, where the users Attack and Defense stats are raised by two stages if another Pokemon with Derby is on the battlefield.


Benfeagle is the second of the Sports Trio. Benfeagle is Flying/Fighting and is based on the crest of Benfica. Its name is a portmanteau of ‘Benfica’ and ‘eagle’, and Benfeagle takes on the appearance of an eagle. It also gets Derby as its only Ability.


Portogon is the third of the Sports Trio. Portogon is Dragon/Fighting and is based on the crest of FC Porto. Its name is a portmanteau of  ‘Porto’ and ‘dragon’, and Portogon takes on the appearance of a dragon. Like its counterparts, it gets Derby as its only Ability. These three are the Sports Trio because they are based on the “Big Three” teams in Portugal.


Laramime was actually conceptualised (but not yet designed) as part of my Drag Race Season 11 concepts, where I come up with concepts for Pokemon based on the runway looks. I used Yvie Oddly’s look for the Orange Alert runway theme as inspiration for this. Laramime’s name comes from ‘laranja’, or ‘orange’, and ‘mime’. Laramime is Fire/Psychic, and its Ability is Contrary, because why not?


A final evolution for pre-existing Pokemon counts, right? Welcome Dodquad, the final evolution of Doduo. This came from a joke that I started, saying that I was disappointed there wasn’t a final evolution with four heads called Dodquad. My friend, Steve, joked about the Dodquad God Squad. Let’s just say that Dodquad keeps the Normal/Flying-type combination, and keeps the Abilities – Early Bird, Run Away and Tangled Feet for its Hidden Ability.


We didn’t get any new Eeveelutions for Galar, so I made some up myself. The first is Cicadeon, the Bug-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Cicadeon when levelled up holding a Silver Powder. Its Ability is Layered Skin, where the Pokemon’s shedding skin protects it from one attack per battle. Cicadeon is based on the cicadas that you hear during the summer days.

The next is Wyveon, the Dragon-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Wyveon when levelled up holding a Dragon Scale. Its Ability is Dragon Power, where all Normal moves become Dragon-type, and the power of said moves is boosted a little. Wyveon is based on a wyvern.

The last Eeveelution is Metalleon, the Steel-type Eeveelution. Eevee would evolve into Metalleon when levelled up holding a Metal Coat. I’m thinking a suit of armour similar to the design of the Assault Wyvern from Yu-Gi-Oh! would be best for Metalleon.


This one was actually a request from my friend Steve when I asked which Pokemon should get an evolution. He chose Jynx, as he stated that its counterparts, Electabuzz and Magmar, got evolutions. Following that trend, Harmonice was created, to build on the Nicki Minaj jokes, honestly. Harmonice is a slimmer build, looking more like an opera singer (so competition for Primarina, then). Harmonice keeps the Ice/Psychic typing, along with the Abilities Oblivious, Forewarn and Dry Skin (Hidden), like the rest of its family. Jynx will evolve into Harmonice when traded holding a Harmonizer, an item that also has the effect of boosting any sound-based moves.


Odditee is a Mythical Pokemon and is a general oddity. Its name is given because its true name has been lost over generations. Odditee is the main driving force behind Team Silencio’s work, even though it isn’t the mastermind. Team Silencio’s ambition is to reveal Odditee by silencing the other Pokemon. Odditee is ultimately summoned by Fadoria and Amarera in post-story. Odditee is Fairy/Poison and has two unique Abilities – Me Too and Power Share. For Me Too, when another Pokemon raises its stats, so does Odditee (yep, it’s pretty broken). With Power Share, the last Pokemon in the party shares its highest stat with Odditee, allowing the latter to raise that stat by two stages.

Odditee’s design was actually inspired by Yvie Oddly’s famous finale look and was conceptualised for that Drag Race concept challenge.

I really want to draw these – I’m actually still in the process of drawing Odditee as we speak. But I’d like to reveal more new Pokemon like this in the future!

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