Feeling Rhyhorny – Rhyhorn Community Day Round-Up

Let’s start with the obvious – Rhyhorn was talked about as the most favoured of the four Pokemon that could be chosen, the others being Vulpix, Machop and Dratini. Now we don’t know the outcome of the rest of the votes, but since the winner was revealed to be Rhyhorn, the community went from ‘we want Rhyhorn’ to ‘we didn’t want this, we wanted Vulpix’ – it seems that those that wanted to vote a particular way didn’t make their voices heard, but general polls and media featured a heavier bias towards Rhyhorn. Personally, my goal was Rhyhorn, but I would have been happy with Vulpix – however, Rock Wrecker on Rhyperior sold it for me.

Vulpix would have had a better chance of winning if Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker wasn’t as sought-after as it was, plus Rhyhorn was the only choice of the four that fit the original Community Day requirements – a three-stage evolution (Eevee being the exception here) without its shiny released (also Pikachu was an exception, as it served as a Community Day test dump to gauge the reception of such an event).

But now we’ve discussed the voting that led us here, let’s get on to how the actual day turned out:

I can sum up this day in three words: it was windy. Us here in the UK have struggled with storm after storm for the past few weeks, and so I wasn’t expecting anything different. It was partly cloudy though, which meant that we didn’t have the added difficulty of playing in the rain.

Because of the cold, myself and Connor said that we would get three each and call it quits. I’d brought along my second account, especially now that I can use the tablet I recently acquired – it had caught a shiny Lickitung for me last week, after all. Plus it was supposed to be more of a date than anything – I’d originally planned to be in Lincoln to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but finances fell through and I’ve been suffering from ear problems all week.

We started off outside Heslam Park, where we were heading towards Central Park. In typical fashion, I get a Messenger pop-up from Sam bragging about the first-click shiny. And very shortly after that, my second account got the first shiny, within the first five minutes. I kinda called it there that my main account would be the last to get a shiny. And so we made our way through the sodden grounds of Central Park, where it has a habit of being completely waterlogged at times, and today was no exception. But we trudged through and went over to the Pods, where my second account caught the second shiny. It was a slow start for both my main and Connor’s accounts, and it took a while for me to find my first main shiny.

We were busy checking spawns around the fountain, and I told Connor that he still hadn’t had a shiny yet. I clicked on one of them, and I had to say ‘Actually, this one’s shiny!’ We decided then that because Connor wasn’t too bothered about getting any more, we would trade over a Rhyhorn each so that we could reroll stats. Both of the Rhyhorn ended up better,

What I noticed in the first hour was that the spawns consisted of half Rhyhorn spawns and the other half were Bug-type weather-boosted spawns. Normally, I wouldn’t mind weather-boosted spawns, but it did kinda negate a lot of the Rhyhorn spawns in that first hour. After that first hour, I had two shinies on each account, while Connor had the one, still.

We had one of the local kids come up to us and was too overly energetic. The encounter drained me, and I was still after my third shiny. Unfortunately, the concept of personal space is unknown to some, and it was difficult to keep calm, but I somehow managed. I just politely mentioned that we were on a date and weren’t planning on hanging out with anyone – even though yes, we did see some people on the fly, it wasn’t a huge gathering of people. I don’t mind kids usually, but ohhhhh boy.

Then I did see some more friends, and that was where my second account got the third shiny, so I was able to retire that one (thankfully). With that, we decided to head home, but to go back via the Pods to check the cluster spawns there on the way.

Well, I went from two shinies to getting more and more in one fell swoop. The third shiny ended up at 69CP, and so I (somehow) got to name it Rhyhorny. And then it was just a case of seeing what I could grab on the way home – and the answer to that was…quite a bit, honestly!

In the end, I ended on 8 shinies. That was despite going home early due to the cold weather. Connor was calling me out for my crazy luck, and even asked sarcastically if I’d called Niantic for more shiny luck!

So now I have two Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker – one of them shiny. I also managed to get a Rock Wrecker Rhyperior on my second account, and Connor evolved his shiny all the way up too.

So next month, Snivy? Quite likely, but we’ll see if Niantic change the formula.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Rhyhorny – Rhyhorn Community Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    I was shocked when you were able to name it Rhyhorny too. Still not sure how you got away with that.

    I played for nearly the full 3 hours and saw only 1 shiny the entire time. Between that and coming in way below my initial dust goal (due to reasons mostly beyond my control), this was a huge disappointment for me. That said, I feel like other than spawn rates, it was largely well done, even if Rock Wrecker wasn’t implemented the way I feel it should have been.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thatlittlelola

      I read that a lot of people didn’t get the Rock Wrecker move despite evolving during the time period. And obviously because now it can’t be changed, it either calls for Niantic to buck their ideas up or implement a Community TM instead.

      As for the nickname, I wasn’t allowed to call my Typhlosion ‘Spike’, but I was allowed to have a name such as ‘Rhyhorny’. The mind boggles!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thatlittlelola

        I sadly had the same with a shiny Beldum. Once the CP changes happened I traded it. So here’s hoping that Rhyhorny won’t be messed with in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

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