Why I Haven’t Quit Pokemon Go

Earlier on, I wrote a rather lengthy post on why I almost quit Pokemon Go. As I said, there were two instances – one was a storytime on Twitter long ago, and the other was…lengthy. This one isn’t as lengthy, I can guarantee that.

Today, I want to get into why I haven’t quit Pokemon Go just yet.


I’ve built up a good amount of friendships and connections through Pokemon Go, and normally when I leave something, I lose connections that I’ve built up – nobody is seemingly interested in interacting with me once we lose a common goal or lifestyle. I think it’s because of that, that I hang on to the game like I do, to basically ensure that I have friends.

I write about it

I started writing about Pokemon Go back in March 2018, and while I have had hiatuses here and there, I’ve always bounced back and found something to write about in relation to Pokemon Go, and more recently about elements relating more to lifestyle.

I tend to use writing about Pokemon Go as justification for taking part in events – however, I’ve even had to cancel my trip to Liverpool for the Safari Zone, as I have other priorities in my life that I need to work on. Yes, I was going to attend, but it’s no longer a priority for me.

Fear of Missing Out

Yes, there is still the element of FOMO, although it’s getting better – I never did catch a Virizion when they were first out because I knew that they would have their spotlight in Research Breakthrough boxes. But I know that FOMO will be something that I would have to concern myself with for a long time after I would quit.

Normally when I have given things up, there is an influx of things that are geared to bring me back for whatever reason (they just did this with the Safari Zone in Liverpool, with their weekend Explorer Pass). But FOMO is huge within this game, but at the same time, Niantic is constantly bringing out events geared towards newer players and not rewarding the long-term players.

It’s become a routine

Pokemon Go has solidly entrenched itself into my daily routine. It was the main factor in me actually going outside when I didn’t have any other reason to. It’s a reason why I walk more now than I ever did, and I’ve explored so much that I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for this game. The game has become a natural part of my routine, opening it on my commute and even just taking the time to go outside and spin the Pokestop outside my flat.

Yeah, there aren’t many reasons why I still play, but I think it’s enough for me to keep playing for now. But let’s see how long it takes for me to actually quit, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Quit Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    I think your point about the game being routine is the biggest reason I’m still playing. Well, that and waiting to transfer four years worth of decent Pokémon and dex filling into Home.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I’m at that stage where I’ve started collecting for Home, including a lot of my perfect IVs (unless they decide that the stats are going to be randomised upon transfer, which will suck).


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