Places to Visit in Hull

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Hull gets a pretty bad reputation, despite it having been the UK’s City of Culture in 2017. However, this title started changing the way that Hull was perceived, as well as its renovation of the centre.

It also helps that I have immediate family that came from Hull, so I’ve had to make frequent trips to Hull in my youth (I do it now because I want to).

I’ve been to Hull a few times for Community Days past, and it can be a fun place to explore. So why don’t we do that? I’ll take you around the best places to visit in Hull.

The Hotel

If you want to be in the middle of everything, I recommend the Holiday Inn Express Hull City Centre. All stays include breakfast in the price and in general, it is very inexpensive. While it may be considered a budget hotel in terms of the price, there is nothing budget about this hotel. It’s very close to the Paragon Interchange, as well as St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre and the city centre itself. While I’m sure you get free WiFi anyway, if you sign up to be an IHG Rewards Club member, you get guaranteed free WiFi in other IHG properties, and you can build up points with your stays – and if you earn enough, you can spend a Rewards Night in any IHG hotel.

The Deep

The Deep is one of the main attractions of Hull, boasting a pretty large aquarium. It’s not the biggest I’ve ever seen, nor the most innovative, but it’s a great day out. You can also take a sort-of mini-train to the city centre, where a tour takes place regarding the history of the city.

All standard tickets include free return visits for 12 months with the Daily Plus Pass. So when you arrive, the reception team will help to set this up. The tickets, in general, are really inexpensive. At most, you’ll be paying £15 per adult on the door. However, group tickets of 20+ people do not include free return visits.

It’s worth going here if you’re into that kind of thing.

Dining Recommendations

Whenever I come to Hull, I know there’s a good variety of food to be had. My top picks for a traditional fish and chips are usually Goldenfry and Bob Carvers – the former has a restaurant attached, so you can choose whether you want to have your food at the restaurant or outside, sat watching the floor fountain feature.

While I don’t recommend it for food, at least try the bubble tea from Kaspas, and take it to go. Trust me on that one!

I tend to like going to Handmade Burger Co, although I haven’t actually stepped foot inside since its relocation to Paragon Street from St. Stephen’s.

I have heard good things about Dope Burger and will endeavour to go there on my next trip.

Prospect Centre

Prospect Centre is one of three shopping centres in Hull, located a stone’s throw away from the Paragon Interchange. It has a lot of the necessary staples, such as Iceland and Wilko, but also shops such as Game, Clintons and Bodycare.

The strEAT foodcourt is okay, but the last time I went there, they took away the awesome soda machines, and Roosters wasn’t as nice as it usually was. Back in its heyday, it was popular and busy. The last time I saw, it was pretty much dead on the weekend.

Princes Quay

Princes Quay features amusements, along with bowling and a pub attached at the lower floor. It’s usually at Princes Quay where I go to get either a cheeky Nando’s or Millie’s Cookies. And obviously, there’s Primark, for your cheap shopping needs!

St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre

A stone’s throw away from the Paragon Interchange, the newest of the shopping centres adds a lot more activities, such as Laser Station, Rock Up and Fun Station – so whether you’re by yourself or in a party, rest assured there is plenty for you to do.

In terms of food, there are plenty of brand names, from Prezzo, Wok & Go and Burger King, as well as The Real China, which is all-you-can-eat.

Bad Wolf Gaming

Bad Wolf Gaming is a very new business that launched late last year. I got the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at what the vision was going forward, and I was so impressed. As an avid gamer in most aspects, it was amazing to see that they’d had this huge vision for a gaming section, for people to take part in some casual board gaming/roleplaying. They will also be hosting numerous in-store events, which will include live music and performances. Obviously, they sell all kinds of board games and accessories and even rent out their shelving for indie brands to sell their merch.


There are a couple of nice parks around Hull. If you want to venture out of the way, head to Victoria Park. While quite minimal, it had a very nice atmosphere to it when I visited that neck of the woods.

I’d also recommend going to Queen’s Gardens if you don’t fancy heading too far out of the city, as you will still be close to everything. It has a beautiful scenery with a lovely fountain, and you can see the headquarters for BBC Radio Humberside nearby.

So that’s what I have for now for recommendations for Hull. I do endeavour to spend a lot more time over there, so will probably try out some new stuff in the future!