Top 10 Alola Pokemon

Alola, and welcome to my penultimate post in this current part of the series! After next week’s post, there’ll be more top 10 posts, about other Pokemon topics!

Anyway, here’s my list of top 10 Alolan Pokemon!

10 – Ribombee


Ribombee is one of the cutest Pokemon in this generation – it’s so tiny, and it has an adorable little scarf. Its shiny form is great, too, and it was one that I SOS-chained for! But the Totem Ribombee shredded me good at one point. What a beast!

9 – Golispod


Golisopod is a fun one to use, but really only when it evolves into Golisopod. Wimpod is a literal wimp and is a real fast critter, but Golisopod hits harder and looks deadly serious. It’s worth the long grind to level 30 to get this Pokemon.

8 – Mudsdale


I enjoyed using Mudsdale a lot when playing through Ultra Sun. I had one with Stamina, and it worked wonders when I got hit by an attack. It makes Mudsdale even bulkier than it already is, and had a solid role on my team through to the end. Its shiny form kinda looks like it rolled in some Cheetos though.

7 – Drampa


Our good ol’ dragon grandpa (sounds like my favourite franchise, does it not?), this thing looks so wacky in its design but it’s great all the same. It has a very interesting type combination of Normal/Dragon, which is unique to Drampa, and while I never got the version that it comes in, I appreciate it nonetheless, and I can’t wait to hunt for its gorgeous shiny form, too.

6 – Tapu Koko


This had always been my favourite of the Guardian Deities since it was first announced. It combines the two types that I really gravitated towards at the time, being Electric and Fairy. I feel that it has the best design, and probably gave me the least amount of grief when trying to catch it before. Its shiny form also looks awesome, and it also played a vital role in the story, just like the next entrant.

5 – Nihilego


My favourite of the Ultra Beasts, Nihilego gives off that creep-factor I come to expect from Ultra Beasts, especially its merging with Lusamine in Sun/Moon. While it’s definitely very frail physically (a single Earthquake can knock one of these flat out), it is very capable in delivering special attacks while defending itself from special attacks itself.

4 – Mimikyu


Mimikyu is a special kind of Pokemon – so much so, there is a song dedicated to this Pokemon! While I’ve never had a Mimikyu on any of my main teams, I still love it for its lore and typing of Ghost/Fairy. I’d love to see Mimikyu disguised as other Pokemon, but I’m still curious as to what’s underneath the costume…

3 – Stufful


Stufful is just the cutest thing in Alola, from its appearance to its cry. I love Bewear as well, but Stufful is just another kind of precious. I remember SOS-chaining for a shiny Stufful, and I managed to get one and name her Sophie!

2 – Primarina


Everyone hated Popplio when it was first announced, but I was laughing in the sound of a Kommo-o defeat courtesy of Primarina (although any Fairy-type would have done the same, really). I enjoyed using Primarina so much in Sun that I went for Popplio again in Ultra Sun, just to prolong the amount of fun that I was having.

1 – Charjabug


I had so much fun using Charjabug in Ultra Sun that I was dreading evolving it into Vikavolt. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vikavolt, but I love everything about Charjabug, from its appearance to its accordion-based cry, and its shiny form is literally a big red bus!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Alola Pokemon

    1. thatlittlelola

      Sometimes that’s how it is. Still, at least you have good favourites of each. Although Tapu Fini was an absolute pain to take down and catch back in the day.


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    1. thatlittlelola

      Nice, except your username is ‘google’ and I’m sure that Google themselves wouldn’t agree with IE being the market leader.

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