Teaching You How To Dance – Bonus Short Story


Hey all! I was originally going to write a post for Lickitung Raid Day, but I decided to write a short story instead. And I’ve had this plot bunny in my head the past few days, and I wanted to write it down before I lost it! There’s plenty of cheese ahead, so apologies for anyone who is lactose intolerant!

I was listening to this song while writing this, so I kinda went with this song for the dance number.

It truly was the perfect day for a wedding. Alex and Nora’s union was a true fantasy, from the beautiful spring-time outdoors ceremony to the outdoor reception. It seemed like everyone in town and beyond were in attendance, in order to celebrate this day. As if to emphasise the perfection, the weather had not turned the entire day.

The sun had long set, and the light was replaced with string lights around the area, most of them surrounding the dance floor, where the couples had started dancing to slow songs to close the celebration.

In the distance, Evie watched as all of her friends seemed to go off into pairs to dance. She decided to join Angela in the celebration, who was accompanied by Jack and Morgan, as well as her daughter, Mira.

‘Eveeee!’ Mira squawked, before waddling over to her. Evie giggled before picking up the toddler and carrying her back over to Angela.

‘Hey, guys! Is this where all the singles hang out?’ she joked, before handing Mira over to Angela.

‘Sure! Fancy a drink?’ Morgan swirled a bottle of spiced rum.

‘I’ll have some of the rum,’ Evie responded, and Morgan poured some of the rum into a hip flask before handing it to her.

‘I prefer the taste of whiskey if I do say so myself,’ Jack retorted, sipping at his flask of whiskey.

‘Either way, I can’t believe Alex got married before I did, and to Nora! Damn, he got lucky,’ Morgan drawled, ‘He was the last person I thought would have been married first!’

‘There’s still time, you’re only twenty-three,’ Angela replied, sipping her own hip flask. Meanwhile, Evie looked around at the people that weren’t dancing. She spotted Kelvin making conversation with his brother, Blake. Evie had always harboured romantic feelings for Kelvin, especially as they used to be childhood friends. It became more difficult when he started living abroad, but he came over specifically for the wedding. She turned back around, to chat to Angela and Morgan – Jack had disappeared in the shadows. She felt a light tap on her shoulder suddenly, and she turned to find Kelvin in front of her.

‘Hey Kelvin,’ she greeted cheerfully, trying not to let the rum go to her head.

‘Um, Evie? Do you mind if…if you teach me how to dance?’ Kelvin asked. Evie smiled, before approaching him and taking his hand in hers. She remembered then that Kelvin could never dance, and hadn’t been able to muster up the courage to for a long time, especially in public.

‘I don’t mind at all,’ she replied tenderly, before leading him to the dancefloor and throng of couples. Once there, she guided his right hand to her waist, holding his other hand in the air with her own. Her left arm rested on the arm around her waist, and she smiled.

‘Now that’s one of the ways to hold someone when you dance. And now we move,’ she spoke gently, and she was pleased that he was taking the lead, and was picking up the dancing easily. His steps were in sync to the slow song that was playing, and Evie had forgotten that this song was so long, but she was glad, as it meant she could dance with him for longer.

‘Remember to have fun with the dance. Enjoy the dance, and look at your partner too.’ Kelvin, while turning his gaze to Evie, pulled her closer, so that she would have to lock her arms around his neck, and he brought his other arm around her waist.

A flood of emotions swirled through Evie, and it took all of her willpower not to run away or kiss him. Kelvin was suddenly closer than she had anticipated, their noses almost touching. He started leaning in even closer, and Evie followed. Their lips were about to touch.


They pulled away to look up in the sky, where a multitude of fireworks was being let off. They exploded in a variety of colours and patterns. Evie turned back towards Kelvin, who had already turned to face her, and was closing the distance between them, gently brushing his lips against hers in their first kiss.

Yes, this was the perfect day for a wedding.



4 comments on “Teaching You How To Dance – Bonus Short Story”

    1. Always bring a flask to a wedding! Especially ones that don’t have an open bar. That’s my trick after seeing the prices of the drinks at the last wedding I went to!


      1. Ah. That’s why. We compromised on other things are our wedding to make sure we had an open bar. Dealing with my family (and the fact that most of them won’t drink for religious reasons) meant was wanted to make sure we had booze if needed.


      2. I’d be planning on eloping instead of having a wedding, but as far as I’m aware if and when the reception comes around my family are buying their own sodding drinks. The step-dad is an alcoholic, so an open bar would not end well.

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