Top 10 Kalos Pokemon

Bonjour! We’ve arrived in Kalos, the land of the three different Pokedexes, the awful rivals and Team Flare attempting to be fabulous! Which means it’s time to give my opinions on the Kalos Pokemon.

So here is my list of the top 10 Kalos Pokemon!

10 – Pangoro


I remember hunting for a Scrappy Pancham so I could SOS chain some Ghost-types back in Ultra Sun. Then I end up with a shiny Pangoro, without that Scrappy Ability. No matter, I love the way that Pancham evolves with a Dark-type in the party as if that Dark-type corrupts it.

9 – Helioptile


I prefer the design to Helioptile to Heliolisk, I think it’s a lot cuter, and appeals more to me. Shiny Helioptile looks like it’s had too much time in the sun, though! I always felt terrible when X and Y told you that you ‘stepped on a wild Helioptile’, I can see why they removed that line. It also has an interesting type combination of Electric/Normal.

8 – Hawlucha


Hawlucha is just the quintessential Pokemon that I will definitely have on any Fighting team – and Flying, for that matter. I’ve discussed it on other lists I’m sure, but it would be criminal for me to leave Hawlucha off this list. Its design straight-up drew me in, and its Flying Press is great, combining Flying and Fighting-type damage.

7 – Malamar


I love Malamar for its gimmick of having to flip the 3DS or the handheld Switch console upside down while levelling up Inkay in order for it to evolve into this majestic creature. I remember someone claiming to have defeated Mewtwo in Let’s Go with a Malamar – I laughed them off, clearly. Just don’t let this thing near any Bugs and we’ll be fine. Also Contrary on this thing is funny as hell.

6 – Noivern


Ignoring its 4x weakness to Ice, Noivern is cool. It’s an absolute speed demon and would have fit a Sound-type perfectly if one existed. As an unpopular opinion, its shiny form is quite interesting, I kinda dig it, personally. And I love its cry, too.

5 – Tyrantrum


Tyrantrum is seen as the more popular of the two Fossil Pokemon in this generation, and while it isn’t my preferred choice, I can see why. Combining its type of Rock/Dragon with its Strong Jaw Ability and knowing an assortment of biting moves within its repertoire, and that’s before mentioning its brutal base Attack stat of 121. That’s all I have to say about this powerhouse.

4 – Sylveon


Sylveon is definitely my second-favourite Eeveelution, and it’s clear to see why – it’s adorable, it takes a good special attack, and clearly represents the Fairy-type. I’m sure I had a Sylveon on my team during Kalos, although it probably changed to a Gardevoir towards the end, who knows?

3 – Dragalge


I absolutely love Dragalge’s origin as a seadragon – I’ve seen those things in person, and they are amazing, and it’s that what pushed Dragalge to the top 3 if nothing else. Its shiny form is lovely, and while I haven’t used a Dragalge yet in any playthrough, it’s something I’d love to have on a team if I decide to go back to Kalos. Skrelp is adorable, too.

2 – Aegislash


Can we talk about how Aegislash is the poster-child of Gen 6, as well as how people were clamouring for it to be in Sword and Shield, considering it is based on a sword and shield with both of its forms? I think this Pokemon’s great, except for its 20 point base stat nerf going into Generation 8. It’s also great, coming into the game with 3 immunities, with its Steel/Ghost typing.

1 – Aurorus


Now while I like to steer away from the obvious 4x weaknesses to Fighting and Steel, I found Aurorus to be part of my final Elite Four team back in the Kalos days. While it may not be the best physical attacker, I took advantage of its slower speed when putting Avalanche as one of its moves, to ensure the double damage.

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