Reviewing The Worst Doctor Who Episode (in my opinion)

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I’ve been out of the loop with Doctor Who of late, but thanks to Netflix, I can catch up. But with myself being busy with other things, it’s been hard to want to get in the mood. I think I’m in the middle of series 9 where I left off, so that indicates where I’m at with the series. So we’re not counting anything from after series 8, really. The featured image is of the sexy Abzorbaloff (it really isn’t).

Here, though, I’m going to (sadly) remember the worst episode of the revived Who I’ve seen thus far. And in the end, I’m going to try and write a new synopsis for how the episode should have been.

We go back to series 2, where the Doctor had a fresh makeover in the form of David Tennant, and we still had Rose Tyler. We just had the epic saga that was The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, and we were wondering what adventure was in store next.

Enter Love and Monsters.

The title pretty much gives away how awful the episode is even before it aired. The concept is different, following a man named Elton as he plots to uncover the secrets of the Doctor. On the face of it, it sounds like a cool mystery. He could be a detective, right?

Nope. He’s just a regular person who decided to make a video diary.

I mean, he has a motive, to find out the Doctor’s role in his mother’s death, which gives this character some substance, I suppose.

Just don’t talk about the random chase scene with the Doctor, Rose and the Hoix. Urgh. How about the exposition about Elton’s life and what he was doing when some of the events of previous episodes? No thanks. Elton dancing around like a loon? I’m done.

Elton assembles a group that has had connections with the Doctor, and they went from discussing the Doctor to…performing in a band?

Enter Victor Kennedy, played by Peter Kay (what a waste of acting chops, Peter Kay is much better than this). Oh but wait, I didn’t even talk about the Abzorbaloff yet. The concept for the Abzorbaloff was actually a creation from a 9-year-old as a Blue Peter competition. So while the premise was good, the execution was cringe-worthy, to say the least.

Also, Jackie Tyler flirting with Elton. Barf.

And everyone disappears but there’s not much that anyone can do to dwell on them. But what irked me when I first watched (and still does) is that Peter Kay’s natural northern accent comes back in his true Abzorbaloff form. I mean seriously, I wonder if the Abzorbaloff comes from the north of Clom?

Everything about this episode hurts. I can’t even describe it because of how bad it is.

The worst thing is, Fear Her is dubbed as an awful episode too, but I don’t remember it being so bad, because it came straight after Love and Monsters.

Here is where we re-write the synopsis for the episode and see how it will work. The Abzorbaloff will be kept in, and so will the Doctor-lite aspect of the episode.

Detective and the Doctor

Elton Pope is a detective-for-hire and has been tasked with linking a series of strange events that have one thing in connection – the Doctor. He manages to find some witnesses that have spotted him during these strange events. One of these witnesses is Victor Kennedy, who is also on the look-out for the Doctor. Elton decides to team up with Victor, and soon, more strange events start to happen at night.

Elton bumps into Jackie Tyler, who tries to seduce him. However, when in her flat, he recognises an image of Rose from when she was reported missing previously.

After three nights of strange events, Elton decides to hunt around at night to see if he can catch a strange event occurring, and therefore meet the Doctor too. During his hunt, he sees Victor in his actual form, as an Abzorbaloff. After a stand-off between the pair, the Doctor comes along with Rose and manages to confront the Abzorbaloff and destroy the limitation field that maintained its integrity, causing the Abzorbaloff to dissolve into liquid.

Not wanting to cause the Doctor and Rose any trouble, Elton claims to his bosses that the witnesses must have imagined the Doctor’s existence as just a regular man on his way to work.

Absolutely easy.









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