Scarlet Sun – A Date – Short Story Saturdays

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Hey, this is one of those posts where I write a short story! I don’t have a prompt for this in particular, but this is kind-of an excerpt from a story I’m writing! I’m working on developing two side-characters here, one of which becomes very important! This excerpt would take place during the events of the first book, so there’s nothing too spoilery in here! I’d say call it an introduction to some of the characters. I may do more of these in the future.

They are actually named after a real-life couple, too! 


Sophie Mercer couldn’t contain her excitement, as she sat in her room that she shared with Amara Baker, also accompanied by Ruby White and Charleen Bates.

‘I’m so freaking nervous, guys! What do you do on a date?’ Sophie looked around at her friends. Ruby shook her head and decided to reply on behalf of everyone.

‘Look, you’re asking Miss Never-Been-Kissed and Celibate over here,’ Ruby pointed to Charleen for emphasis, ‘You should be asking Amara, she’s the dirty-minded one of us all!’ Sophie threw her hands up in the air, before heading to her wardrobe and pulled out a black dress, which Ruby could already see had an opening on one of the thighs.

‘Will this look too dressy?’ Sophie asked, trying to divert the topic to one where everyone could contribute.

‘Depends. Where is he taking you?’ Charleen answered the question with another question.

‘Some kind of restaurant. Actually, yeah, this dress will be fine. I’m too nervous, guys!’ She slinked off to the en-suite to get ready.


‘I can’t lie, I was nervous about tonight,’ Liam Widnes admitted to Sophie. They had finished dinner and had come across the Eldoor docks. The street lights were equidistant from each other, with fairy lights hung in between them.

‘Why were you nervous? I was nervous, like, really nervous!’ Sophie replied, gently taking Liam by the hand in a comforting gesture.

‘I mean, you’re really attractive and I knew that when I talked to you, it was more than just about appearances for me. I mean, you look amazing tonight, and in general. I just…’. He paused and bit his lip. He knew he could be making a big mistake and would blow everything, but everything in his gut was telling him to carry on with what he wanted. With the hand that was holding Sophie’s, he guided her towards him and pressed his lips onto hers. She barely had time to register what he had done before he pulled away sheepishly.

‘Um…I’m sorry, I just really wanted to kiss you in the moment,’ he admitted, looking off to one side. Sophie giggled and pulled him along so that they could walk down the docks further.

‘It’s okay. I actually quite liked it. Maybe we could do more of that later?’ With that, they carried on walking in comfortable silence. He couldn’t help but notice that she walked with even more of a spring in her step than before.


It was during Creature Studies the next morning, where Sophie was able to speak to her friends. She had snuck back into the dorms after everyone else had gone to bed. But as the class was separated into groups to take care of a parliament of owls, she got the opportunity to discuss the date with Ruby, Charleen and Amara.

‘YOU’RE JOKING!’ Amara shouted, startling Chandra, the owl that the group were looking after, as well as the rest of the class.

‘Miss Baker, please be quiet,’ Professor Taylor spoke firmly, before turning her attention back to another group.

‘I’m not joking, and he was an absolute gentleman!’ Sophie beamed with happiness. She was dancing while preparing Chandra’s feed.

‘We’re happy for you, Soph!’ Ruby enthused alongside her.

‘Yes, yes we are. Now, for the next step,’ Amara announced, ‘Hooking Ruby up with Aeros!’ Ruby groaned in response. It was going to be a long day.




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