Making The Medals Useful In Pokemon Go

We all know we gain extra boosts to our type-based catch rate by catching Pokemon (so catching several Normal-types contributes to the badge that allows you a better catch rate). But we don’t have much in the way of rewards for completing the regular medals.

Today, I wanted to discuss the different rewards that could be given if these normal medals were given reward goals (customisation aside, of course). I will be excluding the region-based medals, as well as those from in-real-life events and PvP medals. As well, to not make this too overpowered, we would bring in a platinum-tiered badge, to ensure that it isn’t too easy to obtain some of these rewards. I also didn’t include the Unown badge, because unless you travel to a lot of events or trade a lot, you’re always going to be missing one.

(Thanks to OldOcean for the featured image for this post today).

Let’s see how we can improve these medals!

Jogger – The reward could be the buddy distance is lowered by half. So for example, a Joltik could take 1.5km to retrieve a candy. It’s literally as something as simple as that.

Collector – The top-tier reward for collecting Pokemon is simply a better catch rate on any Pokemon (for example, a base catch rate for a Legendary is currently 2%, but can raise to 5% with the platinum Collector medal).

Scientist – Pokemon will cost less candy to evolve. This will be scaled depending on evolution costs, though (for example, it’ll be 22 instead of 25, 95 instead of 100, etc.).

Breeder – Egg hatches will result in more candy and Stardust for that Pokemon.

Backpacker – You will receive three extra items from Pokestops, and are guaranteed Gifts from Poekestops if you are not to capacity for Gifts.

Battle Girl – You will only need to battle Pokemon with full motivation twice before knocking them out of the Gym.

Youngster – Rattata will have a better catch rate (like you’d need that anyway but just to be consistent).

Pikachu Fan – Because of Pikachu’s horrid catch rate, this medal would ensure that the base catch rate of any Pikachu that you would see would be better.

Berry Master – The Berry Master reward would be that Berries would be more effective when feeding Pokemon in a Gym.

Gym Leader – The reward for being a top Gym defender could be an increase of Gym XP gained from all interactions with Gyms, as well as Gym XP for spinning the Photo Discs.

Pokemon Ranger – You will gain an increased amount of items/Stardust, and a better lowest possible IV in Pokemon encounters.

Idol – Gaining several Best Friends would result in a higher chance of obtaining Lucky Friends.

Fisher – Because you caught so many big Magikarp, you will find you obtain more candy from Magikarp catches (5 instead of 3, and then 8 instead of 5 for Gyarados).

Ace Trainer – You will get an increase in Stardust and item rewards from Team Leader Battles, and you can obtain these twice per day.

Champion – You will get an increased catch rate for Tier 1-4 Pokemon (Legendary Pokemon count during Raid Days).

Battle Legend – You will get an increased catch rate for Legendary Pokemon (not including Raid Days).

Gentleman – You will get an increased chance of a Lucky Trade.

Pilot – Any trades you make will have a reduced Stardust cost, and an increase in candy obtained.

Purifier – Purified Pokemon will gain three points for each appraisal instead of two.

Hero – Shadow Pokemon caught from Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders will have better IVs.

Cameraman – You will notice an increased chance of Smeargle appearing.

Ultra Hero – Shadow Pokemon caught from Giovanni battles will have better IVs.

If you have any other suggestions, let me know, and I might actually go back and edit them in and give you credit!

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