Top 10 Unova Pokemon

We’re officially half-way through this section of top 10 lists, so why stop here? I’m going to dive into what is perhaps the most divisive region in terms of Pokemon – Unova.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 Unova Pokemon:

10 – Volcarona


Volcarona’s considered a special Pokemon, considering it can be found as a static encounter in the Relic Castle, like Legendaries before it. However, Volcarona is a regular Pokemon with a great design, not to mention its Flame Body Ability is famous for helping hatch eggs (like another Pokemon on this list).

9 – Zebstrika


Zebstrika looks so cool! I love the concept of a zebra Pokemon, and I’m happy that it was made into an Electric-type. I also adore its shiny form, which is a lovely purple instead of black.

8 – Hydreigon


Hydreigon was formerly my favourite pseudo-legendary until Gen 8 came out, but it still ranks highly for me. It does have a very tedious level to evolve into (level 64), though, and a horrifying 4x weakness to Fairy, but it’s a beastly special attacker.

7 – Crustle


One thing you probably didn’t know about me – I absolutely adore hermit crabs. Crustle is very strange without its rock, as seen in the anime, but it’s still adorable in the shell, the same as Dwebble. Its shiny form is…green, which is quite strange on it, but I’ll just slap on Rock Wrecker on the guy and be done with this especially bulky boy.

6 – Braviary


It’s the bird of ‘Murica, and I now hear The Star-Spangled Banner in my head, and I’m as far from American as you can get. And now that we’re done with that, Braviary is such a cool Pokemon in terms of design, and if it evolved at an earlier level, it’d be all the sweeter to have. According to the Pokedex entry for Black, it can even carry a car while flying. It also turns into a gorgeous shade of blue when it’s in its shiny form.

5 – Excadrill


This disgusting thing can learn both Horn Drill and Fissure by level-up. It also does a terrifying Naruto-style run in the overworld in Sword/Shield. That’s all I have to say on this awesome mole.

4 – Joltik


Joltik is probably the most adorable Pokemon ever (despite being based on a tick). I also like that it had a small cameo in Detective Pikachu. When cooking with Joltik in Pokemon Camp, it’s given a spoon-full of curry to eat, and it’s the most adorable thing ever. I love Galvantula too, but Joltik ticks all the boxes for me. And I can’t wait to have one walking with me in Pokemon Go with this new Buddy feature they’ve implemented (written as of December so if Joltik’s already out by then, then yay!).

3 – Krookodile


I’m always drawn into this Pokemon through Sandile, and I think the colour change between Krokorok and Krookodile is amazing. Sadly it does have a lot of weaknesses, but at least it’s immune to both Electric and Psychic, which gives it something, at least.

2 – Stoutland


For me, I’d pop Intimidate on this thing (because why have an Ability that harms you – thanks Sand Rush), and also get to a high enough level for Play Rough, just to mess with an opponent that brings in a Fighting-type, and because Stoutland hits hard, that opponent goes down like a sack of spuds.

Also, Stoutland is the goodest boy.

1 – Chandelure


Chandelure, for me, is the best representative of the Unova region. It’s got the Flame Body Ability I talked about earlier with Volcarona, it’s got the fun strat that everyone does with Will-O-Wisp and Hex, it’s got a beautiful shiny too!

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