A Wild Weekend – Community Day Vote & Minccino Research Day Round-Up

We just had a bonanza of a weekend, with even more events lined up for next week. Firstly is my short recap of the Community Day vote. Today will be the reveal of the vote, so I will update here as and when it is revealed.

EDIT: At 9pm GMT, it was revealed that the winning Pokemon was Rhyhorn. Therefore, Rhyhorn will be the Community Day Pokemon for 22nd February and will receive Rock Wrecker upon evolution to Rhyperior.

I only went for a small walk around, as it was cold, as expected at the beginning of February. Before starting, I noticed a trend of not many Rhyhorn tasks but mostly focused around Machop and Vulpix. Personally, I went around a few stops, and I managed to see a few Rhyhorn tasks, but I mostly saw a combination of Machop and Vulpix take priority. I did see a few Dratini tasks, but these were quickly discarded. Overall, I completed twelve tasks, 10 of which were Rhyhorn, the other two were throwaway Machop and Vulpix. I kept every Rhyhorn task that I came across (Edit note: apparently I cannot maths, I originally said I completed 11 tasks, 10 were Rhyhorn and then one of each Machop and Vulpix – thanks Steve for the correction!).

I see a couple of problems:

  • There were too many Pokemon to vote for. It would have been more even if there were only two to vote for.
  • Catching 20 Pokemon is too arduous a task if there aren’t many spawns to come by. Reducing this to 10 catches would have improved on the formula.
  • Instead of Stardust for completing the tasks, we could have had encounters of past Community Day Pokemon. This would have helped with our tasks as an added benefit.
  • There also needs to be more slots to receive Research tasks – three is not enough, especially for a Research-based event. Five is the minimum we should be looking at here.
  • People were not reading the Research tasks, nor were they paying attention to the instructions on how to vote. I noticed some were saying that they were confused that they could not take a vote after completing a Research task. This was despite the instructions being highlighted in the reveal blog.

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve had our first Research Day in just short of a year. Our featured Pokemon was Minccino, and this event tied in with the Lunar event, so I’m not confident that Research Days will be returning full-time.

So, how did this one go down?

I took a trip to Lincoln with a few friends for this one. Normally I wouldn’t be able to make Lincoln on a Sunday, but I became Lucky Friends with a certain someone for the fifth time (twat), so we’d agreed on Minccino for Minccino. He invited me along for the ride, I accepted.

We’d started out at Cornhill, where there were a few Pokestops in a row, and ready for the taking. The tasks themselves were super-simple, much like with Clamperl and Lotad Research Days before, and plenty of relevant spawns. I was on the hunt for Alolan Rattata, Sandshrew and both Nidoran for their shiny forms, and Lincoln was abundant with both spawns and stops.

We went from Cornhill up towards the Usher Gallery, over towards the Arboretum, past Lincoln College, back towards the centre, over towards the Ritz Wetherspoons, back to Cornhill and then over to the Arboretum to get back to the car park. I remember now that we’d missed out on the Brayford area, but we already did so much walking anyway.

As you probably know, I have leg and foot problems in particular and coupled with an aching back, I managed to make it through the lengthy walks. However, it took me an hour and a half before managing my first shiny Minccino, in the city centre. It immediately went to a Lucky Trade, which ended up with 96% IVs. I caught a spare soon after, though. I was massively trailing behind everyone else, who had a great amount of shinies.

We decided on a McDonalds around Cornhill, to take advantage of the tri-lure that was set up. We discussed how none of us had caught a wild shiny that day, despite the increased spawns. Afterwards, Sam caught a shiny Zigzagoon. Later on, I’d caught a first shiny Sandshrew.

My feet hurt, I ache all over. My foot problems are flaring up, so I think a brief run-down will suffice.

  • The Research tasks were great. They were well-balanced and simple to do.
  • The shiny rate seemed to be 1/30 from what we’d read from other anecdotes. At least I was on average odds.
  • The according wild spawns were not shiny boosted, and this could have been improved slightly. I feel that our shiny Zigzagoon and Sandshrew were flukes, honestly.
  • I utilised the Minccino encounters for other tasks, so if I ran out of spawns and came across a ‘Make 5 Nice Throws’ task, I went to claim my Minccino that I had banked.
  • The party-hat Raticates felt old very quickly. I would have preferred a more varied line-up of Raid Bosses to Raticate and Heatran.

And that was the Research-based weekend! How did yours go?  Did your favoured Pokemon win the Community Day vote? How many shiny Minccino did you walk away with? Leave a comment below

3 thoughts on “A Wild Weekend – Community Day Vote & Minccino Research Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    I really liked the Stardust rewards for the Saturday voting tasks, though they did feel like far too little dust for the amount of work you had to put in. Had it been 10 catches like you said, I think that would have worked a lot better. Then again, I just used 800k dust (roughly) on powering up Pokemon to make them Go Battle League viable in Great League, so I might have a bias here.

    Liked by 1 person

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