Diary of a Receptionist – Short Story Saturdays


This is a re-do of my previous short story of the same name, you can find it right here! I’m still going to follow the prompt, though, just slightly different from how I wrote it the first time.

I didn’t like the way the original came out, so here goes! Thanks again Tim for the prompt!

Looking up from my computer at the Arcafe was always something that I did when I had nothing else to do. I had already filed the client database and had discussed with Vicki with what I needed to do – which was not a lot. Normally, I would chat with Matty, but it was his day off.

Time for me to work independently, I suppose.

I couldn’t even check the windows from where I was sat, to check the weather. The people that walked in didn’t help – it was the start of summer, but there were still a lot of people who would wear thick winter coats and toques, trying to keep warm outside.

I looked from Vicki, who was dressed in an immaculate polkadot dress, over to the gaggle of people sat on the sofas, wearing matching sweatpants and playing on their phones.

‘UHUHUHUH, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MAH BIRD TONIGHT!’ I heard someone shouting before I saw him – he was chatting on his phone, but in that kind of dumb way where he held it out in front of him and had it on speakerphone while shouting into the microphone. He went straight to one of the booths, and I wished I could drown him out.

Soon enough, Matty walked in and around the reception desk to sit down next to me,

‘How’s tricks?’ he asked myself and Vicki, energetic as ever.

‘A little dull, feel more bad for Tracy though,’ I noted, pointing to the room opposite, where our colleague Tracy was sat. None of her appointments had showed this morning, and it was drawing to a close.

I turned my attention to some newcomers in the building, who had come for some food from the cafe. I was starting to get hungry, I’d barely eaten all morning, and was surviving on a cup of GFuel and a mug of tea. It irked me as to how I was so tired, but I guessed that it was my fault.

Ring ring! Ring ring!

Oh! That was the phone! I gathered some scrap paper for notes, and answered:

‘Hello, Arcafe, Lynette speaking! How can I help?’ I greeted, maintaining a cheery persona.

Hello, this is Rachel from Local Live. Can I speak to the person that runs the Arcafe please?

‘Yeah sure, I’ll just transfer you over to Rae.’ Rae was my boss, and I knew she would be able to handle the call.

Okay, thank you!‘ Rachel spoke before I punched in the numbers before sending the call over to Rae, who I heard pick up from the office behind me. I placed the receiver down and started watching the environment around me. I watched as Tracy started packing her belongings away, and at the same time, Bruno walking past the desk with a cheerful ‘hello’, to walk towards the Youth Space.

I watched the time more than anything, waiting for it to tick to 12pm. Matty tried to keep me amused with some chatter, as did Vicki.

But alas, as soon as 12pm hit, I was up and out of there.

People watching is boring.

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