Month: February 2020

A Fateful Event – Short Story Saturdays

Today marks the last Short Story Saturday of the month, but it’s not the end! Actually, I decided to carry on doing these, because I’ve been having fun writing them. I grabbed yet another prompt for this one: ‘Amazon has invented time travel and introduced pre-emptive shipping. Today, you receive something completely unexpected from your

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Favourite Things To Do In Lincoln

Lincoln was literally my second home (I went there briefly for university), and I still love this charming small city. It’s only a short drive away from my hometown, and so I tend to visit regularly. I met one of my close friends there while playing Pokemon Go, and I’m always amazed by what Lincoln

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High Hopes – Short Story Saturdays

I’m putting off ‘Drowning in Jealousy’ for a week because I hit a huge road-block. Instead, I grabbed a writing prompt when looking up different prompts, and it came from here. I liked the following: ‘You wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning, feeling happy and ready to take on the day. Then you remember.

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