Creating Pokemon Based on Unused Type Combinations


Hello everyone! To preface, my friend Tim wrote a post looking back on predictions for the Pokemon franchise (among other games). One of his posts focused on new dual-type Pokemon predictions to come for Sword and Shield. Out of those ten, only one (Ice/Fire) made the new roster in the form of Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.

In honour of that post, we’re going to be taking all of the unused type combinations and creating Pokemon based on those typings. Now I already had six to work with on the Lumaria region, so there will be a sneak preview of those Pokemon. Call it the Lumaria Files post that never was, I suppose! The Pokemon names have a lot of Portuguese influences, which I will explain in their sections.

EDIT: Because this post was written and released before Galarian Slowbro and Slowking, I added the Poison/Psychic type. I do address this in a different post.

You will find Tim’s half of the post on his page here, so go check that out!


Grass/Fire has been sought after for so long, to complete the trio of Pokemon that have two of the three starting types (Ludicolo and Volcanion). With that in mind, I created Barcaroost, a Grass/Fire final evolution of one of the Lumaria starters, Cluckles. The family represents the Galo de Barcelos, one of Portugal’s symbols, and it is commonly confused for the very cheeky Nandos chicken. And we know how spicy a Nandos can be, hence the added Fire typing.

It gains the Ability Overgrowth as a starter staple but also gains the Hidden Ability Flame Body, which can burn the attacker upon contact. I mean, it’s a burning chicken. Plus it’s a straightforward option to pick for quickly hatching eggs.


What could be more evil than a mosquito? Wasps? I mean, yeah, sure. But mosquitos are the devil incarnate. So introducing Moscamal, which incorporated the words ‘mosquito’ and ‘evil’. Naturally, it’s a Bug/Dark-type and evolves from a fuzzy caterpillar. Its family is your typical quick-to-evolve Pokemon, with a cocoon in the middle stage.

It gains the Ability Drain Hit, which upon Moscamal using a Physical attack, will gain HP back at the end of that turn.


A human was taken by a warped tombstone and is bound by it, using her voice to destroy the will of others. Sepada will haunt your socks off. I thought of Sepada when coming up with how to build concept Pokemon around RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 looks. Sepada’s name comes from the amalgamation of ‘sepultura assombrada’, the Portuguese translation of ‘haunted grave’.

Sepada will gain the Ability Soundproof. Otherwise, its Hidden Ability is Perish Body, much like Cursola.


Fadoria makes up one-half of the Fado Duo, and one of the box-art Legendaries for the Lumaria region. Fadoria is based on a fado performer, and is integral to the story, as is its counterpart Amarera. Fadoria’s name is an amalgamation of the words ‘fado’ and ‘aria’.

Its main Ability is Scorching Voice, where all sound-based moves become Fire-type and have a boost in power. Its other Ability is Soundproof.


This is another Legendary, this time based on a trash sculpture that can be seen in the Oceanario de Lisboa. This Pokemon is Lixofly, which covers most bases in terms of defences, except for its heavy 4x weakness to Ground in one circumstance. Lixofly is a man-made bird sculpture that has been brought to life by the powers of the Fado Duo. It’s not a Trio Master, just a Legendary that has been influenced by other Legendaries. The name Lixofly comes from the Portuguese word for ‘trash’ and the English word ‘fly’.

Its main Ability is Levitate, which nullifies its 4x weakness to Ground and converts it into another immunity. Its Hidden Ability is Fall Apart, where after each turn, its Defense stat is lowered in favour of raising its Speed stat.


You know I mentioned something more evil than mosquitos? How about a Legendary wasp? No? Okay, this wasp is also part-Dragon. Gaopa adds on a couple of extra weaknesses in Flying and Rock but becomes super-resistant to Grass at least. I also felt we needed a Legendary Bug, as we’ve not had one yet, surprisingly (we did have Genesect, a Mythical, but I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, Tim!).

Its Ability is Poison Point, where any contact has a chance of poisoning. Its Hidden Ability is Speed Boost.


I figured that a solid Fighting/Ground-type would be an absolute hulking beast, with huge arms, reminiscent of Mega Swampert in a way. I can imagine something like that would just pull up the ground and hit enemies with it. Tourca is based on a bull commonly used for bullfighting in the Campo Pequeno bullring in Lisbon, Portugal (however, the bulls in Portugal aren’t killed in the arena). Basically, Tourca is the kind of Pokemon that takes revenge on the matadores.

Tourca’s Ability is Huge Power, while it gets Thick Fat as its Hidden Ability.


I had an idea based on the odd smell of sewerage I used to encounter in Lisbon in certain areas. Grato is basically a rat with a sewer grate around its neck. It’s that simple, really, it’s literally a fat rat with a sewer grate, so it has the Bulletproof Ability, as well as the Hidden Ability Stench.


This was a fun one to think of because I saw a lot of different concepts that looked amazing. But I wanted to go down the route of a bottle Pokemon, that looks like it has cork wrapped around it in a spiral. Intoxia is based on port, which is an alcoholic drink from Portugal, and also the cork represents the fact that cork is one of Portugal’s biggest exports – also you would find souvenir bottles of wine with cork around the bottle.

Intoxia’s Ability is Cork Wrap, which makes the Pokemon immune to Fire-type attacks unless it has been hit – then Fire-type attacks become super-effective – this is in reference to cork dust being extremely flammable while its original form is a retardant. Its Hidden Ability is Effect Spore, which is in reference to the effects of alcohol.

7 comments on “Creating Pokemon Based on Unused Type Combinations”

      1. No problem!

        As for the ones here, I think I’d be most excited about Moscamal. That ability sounds a bit like a free Leftovers, as the HP regen happens at the end of each turn. You could potentially have yourself a super bulky bug with that ability.


      2. We needed a mosquito Pokemon that wasn’t Buzzwole, and more like a traditional mosquito. Given the right movesets, it’d be unstoppable.


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