Top 10 Sinnoh Pokemon

Here we go again! I’ve dived straight into the first three Pokemon regions, so why stop there? Today, we’re talking about the Sinnoh region, a region where I previously thought was my favourite in terms of Pokemon, until a recent regional study showed me otherwise.

I’ll just get right into my top 10 Sinnoh Pokemon.

10 – Staraptor


If you don’t think Staraptor is the coolest-looking Route 1 bird, get out (unless your answer is Corviknight). Staraptor near enough carried my Diamond team back in the day, especially with its Intimidate Ability. The shiny form looks pretty cool, too!

9 – Dialga


Dialga is my all-time favourite Legendary Pokemon, let’s get that out of the way. Clearly, I played Diamond; otherwise, my answer would probably be very different right now. Its typing of Steel and Dragon just makes it so resistant to a lot of attacks (including taking neutral damage from the Dragon’s worst nightmare – Fairy). It’s also so defensively bulky that you can get away with taking a few hits before it goes down.

8 – Honchkrow


I can’t discuss enough how much I enjoy Honchkrow. Honchkrow is a literal Big Boss, and it’s a much-needed evolution for Murkrow in a region filled with new evolutions for existing Pokemon. While it is a glass cannon, it’s got such a great attacking power that you just need to up its speed a little bit to make sure it doesn’t get hit.

7 – Drifloon


All I’m going to say is ‘Stories go that it grabs the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife. It dislikes heavy children.’

Also, it’s shiny is just…yes!

6 – Gastrodon


I especially love it when Gastrodon’s head is poking out of the water in the Wild Area though, it’s pretty sweet. I’ve always liked Gastrodon, especially the East Sea variant, and I’m glad that variant is in Sword/Shield right now.

5 – Weavile


My love for Weavile kinda came from my friend Steve, whose favourite Pokemon is Weavile (as well as Crobat). It was a well-needed evolution for Sneasel, which was very much a physical glass cannon, especially with its 4x weakness to Fighting. Weavile looks so badass, and its shiny reminds me of strawberry lemonade. Mmmmmmm.

4 – Garchomp


Garchomp is a pretty cool Pokemon, and if they were made more available in Pokemon Go, I think it’d be appreciated a lot more. Forgetting the Mega Evolution and the shiny though, Garchomp is already a very solid, hard-hitting Pokemon. It’s also very infamous for having been on Cynthia’s deadly team.

3 – Electivire


It’s kind of a shame that Electivire isn’t in Sword/Shield yet, because I think that’s the only Pokemon that’s been cut that I genuinely miss (and even then, not that much while I have Toxtricity). Electivire is another hard-hitting Electric-type, and it’s an incredible final-stage evolution for the Electabuzz family.

2 – Luxray


You may be surprised, like earlier, that Luxray is no longer in the top spot. But it’s mainly down to availability in the games since Gen 4. Outside of specific versions or methods, you cannot obtain any of the family through organic means. It makes Luxray less used as a whole, therefore I can find other Electric-types to fill the void. I still like it, just less than I used to.

1 – Roserade


Roserade is a Pokemon that I had a lot of fun using in Diamond, coming in clutch with its Poison Point Ability, making work of the opponents that I faced. I enjoy it a lot more than Luxray at this point, which puts Roserade higher on this list. I also want to make a Roserade cosplay in the future.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Sinnoh Pokemon

      1. Tim

        It was the Baton Pass-i-est chain ever. Caterpie got the following bosts from the following Pokemon:

        – Hawlucha: Hone Claws
        – Drifblim: Stockpile and Minimize
        – Lopunny: Z-Splash and Agility
        – Delcatty: Cosmic Power/Wish support upon switch


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