So Much News! Safari Zones and Community Day

On 22nd January, we had a lot of Pokemon Go news to cover! Sadly I don’t get the information beforehand, unlike some influencers, but I’m just as shocked as you guys are with our live events lined up throughout spring! We also have our odd Community Day predicament to go over.

This year, we are getting four confirmed events in spring. Firstly, we’ll talk about the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung City, Taiwan. This event will go from 6th February until 9th February. There will be a focus on Electric-types, such as Electrike, and Illumise will be the regional of choice, joining Volbeat in the celebrations. Unown L will also be available. I’m guessing Chimecho will be the shiny release, with increased spawns worldwide and shiny Chingling too.

Secondly, we have the first Safari Zone of the year, in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme of this Safari Zone is culture, and runs from 27th March until 29th March. It takes place in Tower Grove Park, and is a ticketed event. Chatot will be the regional of choice, and Mankey, Teddiursa and Unown S will be around. I think that Teddiursa will have a shiny release.

The third, and one that excites me the most, is the very first Safari Zone to take place in the UK. From April 17th to April 19th, we’re going to Liverpool, specifically at Sefton Park (it’s bloody massive). The theme is water, as Liverpool is famous for its docks, and will feature Krabby, Dratini, Unown V and Relicanth, the latter of which is the regional of choice. We predict that shiny Chinchou will be released for the first time here. This is also a ticketed event. You bet I’ll be going to this!

(EDIT 14/2: General admission tickets will be £14.40, and early access tickets will be £21.60. A £3.60 service fee will be added to each order (up to 4 tickets per order). All prices are inclusive of VAT. This was changed from the previous £12/£18 costs because the original prices advertised did not include VAT).

Our final announcement features Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 8th to May 10th. There will be more information available for this in the future.

Our other Breaking News bulletin comes in the form of the announcement of February Community Day. However, unlike months past, there is a twist.

We learned that the next Community Day will take place on 22nd February, but this time, instead of a formal Pokemon announcement, we have an opportunity to vote. This is how it’ll work:

It has been announced that we will be able to choose from four Community Day Pokemon. I below will also rate them in my likeliness to vote for them. Our Voting Day will take place on 1st February, throughout the day in your local timezone. We will vote with whichever Field Research tasks we complete on that day. The announcement will take place on 3rd February, and the Community Day itself will then take place on 22nd February, with a 3x Catch Stardust bonus in effect.

Here, we have our four nominees:

Vulpix – while Alolan Vulpix already has a shiny form released, we would see the Kantonian Vulpix in the wild and in eggs, while Alolan will feature in Field Research and Raids. They will also learn Weather Ball upon evolution to Ninetales. This will introduce shiny Kantonian Vulpix.

I have wanted a shiny Kantonian Vulpix for a while, and this would be great. It’s an unprecedented Community Day, with only one evolution line (excluding Eevee). It’ll be my second choice for the vote.

Machop – this Community Day will focus on evolving for a Machamp that knows Payback. Machop already has a shiny form released.

This will also be an unprecedented Community Day, with Machop already having a shiny form released. I still need a shiny Machop, though.

Rhyhorn – Rhyhorn is one of few eligible three-stage Kanto Pokemon yet to be given a Community Day. It will receive Rock Wrecker upon its evolution to Rhyperior.

This is my go-to to vote for. It ticks the boxes for what a Community Day should be like, and we’ve been crying out for a Rhyhorn Community Day with Rock Wrecker as the exclusive move. It wasn’t my actual favourite out of any Pokemon, but this one definitely has my vote.

Dratini – Evolving to Dragonite will give it Superpower.

We’ve already had a Dratini Community Day. We’ve hatched a crapton of Dratini before it was removed from the egg pool. Please no. I will delete any Dratini tasks.

How do we vote?

Voting on February 1st is simple. You don’t have to go to any polling stations, just your local Pokestops! There will be four different Field Research tasks, each earning you 200 Stardust. It’s really quite simple.

Each Field Research task on the day will feature a Pokemon – Machop, Rhyhorn, Vulpix and Dratini. All you have to do is to catch 20 Pokemon to complete the task, and claim. You can complete more than one task, and each completed task will count as a vote to that corresponding Pokemon!

Remember to make your voices heard, and get tweeting with the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay while doing so!


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