Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon

Well hello there! I highlighted back in December that Hoenn was my least-favoured region when it comes to the new Pokemon added. However, it’s one of my favourites in term of the region itself and the soundtrack. I’m happy to go through the ten Pokemon I deemed were worthy of this list.

So here I present my top 10 Hoenn Pokemon:

10 – Armaldo


Armaldo isn’t a Pokemon that I see that often as being very popular, which is bizarre, because I liked it as soon as I saw it. But I feel it has a strange charm to it, in a weird way. I especially like it as an Anorith, but Armaldo looks a bit more fleshed out if that makes sense?

9 – Altaria


Altaria was an unexpected Dragon-type in Hoenn, wasn’t it? Well, it was unexpected for me. It’s literally a cloud bird. Turns out its Japanese name (Tyltalis) is a reference to the Epsilon Draconis constellation. Oh.

Its Mega Evolution provides it immunity to Dragon-type moves, as it becomes Dragon/Fairy. Nice. I haven’t even mentioned how gorgeous its shiny is – a lovely golden colour.

8 – Tropius


Tropius is a great-looking Pokemon, and while I haven’t properly used one, and it’s an African regional in Pokemon Go, it’s lovely to look at. It may not be the best Pokemon around, and has a crippling 4x weakness to Ice (but then again, so does Altaria), I still love it all the same, and I get a warm feeling inside whenever I see a Tropius – but clearly not when playing Pokemon Go.

7 – Sharpedo


Sharpedo is a boss Pokemon. It kinda looks like it’s got its back end missing, but it looks so deadly and sets it apart from the other Water/Dark Pokemon from this generation (looking at you, Crawdaunt). It’s a hard-hitting glass cannon, and the same can be said for its Mega Evolution, albeit a bit less fragile.

6 – Salamence


Let’s ignore the strange croissant version that is the Mega Evolution, and talk about the normal version. Salamence is my choice for pseudo-legendary for this region (sorry Metagross), and I love its shiny too. Salamence is iconic as hell, and if given Moxie as its Hidden Ability, it cleans house pretty easily.

5 – Swampert


Mudkip was never my first Hoenn starter – that honour belongs to Torchic. But when playing Omega Ruby, I switched to Mudkip, as I was coming fresh off of Sun, and wanted another Water-starter. Swampert became my crippling bruiser, shown off all the more when it Mega Evolved. I had to be worried about its 4x weakness to Grass though.

4 – Rayquaza


Rayquaz is disgusting. It’s terrifyingly overpowered, and that’s not even taking into account its Mega Evolution (which you can get without it even holding an item for it). But it’s such a brilliant design, and I always enjoy seeing a Rayquaza. Its shiny form is lovely too, and I’m happy to have a Lucky shiny in Pokemon Go.

3 – Absol


I had an absol-ute blast using Absol during my Omega Ruby playthrough, especially as my False Swiper and one of the Pokemon I would use the Mega Evolution on. Its Magic Bounce was fun for bouncing effects and status conditions back onto the opponent. And did I ever tell you the time when Absol first came out in Pokemon Go, the first Absol I raided was shiny for me? It’s also Connor’s favourite Pokemon after Jolteon, so that helps.

2 – Gardevoir


Gardevoir getting the Fairy-type in Gen 6 was an absolute godsend. I enjoyed using it in Emerald, but I loved using it even more in Omega Ruby, purely for the new type combination, and it made things a little easier (also helped that Juan wasn’t a Gym Leader with his damned Kingdra). Actually, Gardevoir made things a lot easier.

1 – Ludicolo


If you’ve known me for a while, you know that Ludicolo is one of my all-time favourite Pokemon, only bested by Pokemon outside the Hoenn region. Hence why ‘mah boi’ Ludicolo has the top spot here. I love its carefree demeanour, as well as its shiny form, which is beautiful, like most on this list.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Hoenn Pokemon

  1. Tim

    We share a lot of similar opinions about this region, as nearly everything on this list is something I love or that I at least like a little. Except Armaldo. Pokemon Go Adventure Week made me hate the Anorith line.


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