Did This Beat The January Blues? – Piplup Community Day Round-Up

2020’s first Community Day saw the late announcement of Piplup, along with its exclusive move Hydro Cannon. We would also see quartered egg distance, perfect for hatching eggs (duh, because that’s the intention).

Again, I made my way to Central Park to start the event there. I really like Piplup, but I have a gut feeling that this may be the last year of Community Days, or this could be the last of them altogether and that they released Piplup’s purely to complete the Sinnoh starter set – this is in complete disregard to my Community Day predictions posts, which were written in the case that Community Days were still taking place (I still think they should get rid of Community Days, because they got rid of Research Days due to complaints, but here we are). Either way, I gotta get me that Empoleon action!

I recently hit Lucky Friends with a friend, Jonny, for the fourth time. As it happened, he was planning on coming to Central Park in person for Community Day. So there was the potential to perhaps get a good, new shiny (like Poochyena) in exchange for a lucky Ditto, I guess?

On a side-note, my good friend Steve messaged me with a theory, suggesting Abra would be the next Community Day. He mentioned this because Swinub was selected to push PvP to get Sinnoh Stones, and this time around, trade evolutions are being pushed – Abra is the only Gen 1 trade evolution that hasn’t had its shiny released (except for Go Fest).

So I went to the local shop to buy some key supplies (y’know, food and water), and to do a Timburr raid. It meant I had to make a perch for myself to start the Community Day, which I don’t recommend doing on the coldest day of January thus far (it has been a mild month for us). 11am struck, and after the usual game reset, I was checking everything.

I immediately knew that the spawns were of much better quality in comparison to Trapinch Day, because I had to stop to check all of the Piplup. We’ve also got more stops in Central Park than ever, which we lured up to our advantage. I also got a Lucky shiny Poochyena. I also recall not waiting long for my first shiny, and then we were really getting into the swing of things.

The four of us had a few more tag along on the way around, with them being friends I haven’t seen in a while due to my raid inactivity of late, and we did some Heatran raids to pass the time. None were shiny for me, but I’m not too bothered.

Admittedly along the way, I was starting to get a small migraine, but for some reason, I kept going. I’ve had a bit of a painful leg while walking for the past week, but I managed to put the work in and walk on.

Another aspect of the day was hatching eggs because the egg distance was reduced to a quarter of that. I didn’t hatch anything remarkably terrible, just stuff I hadn’t seen in a little while – like Klink or Chingling (yes, my egg pool is very unvaried).

On another lap around the park, I asked a burning question – is Community Day dying? The answer that I got from the lads was that it is all dependent on the factors – the featured Pokemon, the weather, the community and the area in general for spawns. It had never been more viable to do a Community Day in Scunthorpe, for example. I agree whole-heartedly, that it’s not the events themselves as a whole that is dying, it’s the let-down events where things go wrong.

I could feel myself flagging towards the end, and at last minute I got my final shiny for the day. At 2pm, I ended on 16 shinies, which meant this day was tied with Ralts for being the most lucrative.

After that, I went home, had some lunch and had a nap. And on writing this, my head is pounding and I feel awful.

A big shout-out to Tim, because he actually (finally) managed to catch his own shiny Murkrow after so long trying and convinced it didn’t exist. His Tweet says it all, honestly.

Well, I’m kinda hoping to go somewhere else for next month’s Community Day, as it’s been a few months since I’ve been able to. Hull? Lincoln? Who knows?

4 thoughts on “Did This Beat The January Blues? – Piplup Community Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    I’d be okay with having an Abra Community Day. I’m not sure what move Alazakam would get, but I hope it’s the elemental punches just because of how ridiculous it would be.

    Also, I’m going to write a Community Day related post to go up in February. It’s not going to be as thorough as yours have been, but I hope it’ll be interesting nevertheless.


    1. poketravellerlola

      My post was a bit all over the place because I was struggling with a migraine while I was writing it, and I didn’t have time to write it in the morning.

      I’d like to see more love given to Alakazam, and considering they haven’t released shiny Abra after the muck-up they did on Go Fest, it’d be the perfect opportunity.

      Liked by 1 person

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