Top 10 Johto Pokemon

Hello, and welcome to the second post in my new Top 10 series! So basically I’m doing the exact same as every Poketuber. But hey, it’s content, I suppose, and it keeps me busy!

Today we’re focusing on Kanto’s younger, less appreciated brother, Johto. I’ve played through the Johto games less than I have probably any other region. I have Crystal and have played a small portion of it, and HeartGold/SoulSilver is hellishly expensive, even second-hand, and so I have to go based on appearances and how much fun I know I will have with them eventually.

10 – Heracross


Heracross is adorable, and it’s the sort of beetle that I can get along with. We won’t get into its Mega Evolution, because I don’t think it’s as good as its original, and that’s a testament to how much I like this thing. It also has a lovely pink shiny form too, and even without its Mega Evolution, it can pack a hell of a punch.

9 – Skarmory


I’ve always had a strange soft spot for Skarmory – I could never put my finger on why (and still can’t to this day), but I like the idea of Skarmory, as well as its typing (which we now have in Corviknight). I really like its shiny form too.

8 – Houndoom


Here, we have an absolute devil dog in Houndoom. I’ve always loved Houndoom, but I think its Mega is overdesigned a little, so I’d rather take the original, much in the same way as Heracross. I’ve always loved the appearance of Houdoom since I saw it, and since I caught it before even Houndour in Pokemon Go. It would have made a great mascot for Team Skull though.

7 – Ampharos


Ampharos is one of the Pokemon that I think of when I hear the Johto region mentioned. I love its Mega Evolution form too, with its L’Oreal product placement (that hair though, I’m envious). Ampharos would be my staple Electric-type in a future Johto playthrough.

6 – Donphan


I connected with Phanpy, and then Donphan when playing Pokemon Go. This connection happened in 2017 when I hatched an Irish egg which had a Phanpy. I loved it as a Ground-type, which had an odd combination of Counter/Play Rough. I still hail Donphan as a Pokemon that I’d love to have on my Johto adventure when I come around to playing it, of course.

5 – Raikou


Raikou is my favourite of the Legendary Beasts (yes, Beasts, not dogs – they’re based on cats). Raikou is based on my favourite prehistoric creature, the saber-toothed tiger. I know a lot of people would rather choose Suicune, and that’s perhaps due to its role in Crystal, but I’m not that kind of person – I go based on what I like, and that is Raikou. And the shiny form is gorgeous too!

4 – Typhlosion


Typhlosion comes from my favourite starter Pokemon (but actually isn’t my favourite fully-evolved starter). Its design before Generation 6 was amazing, it looked intimidating. From Gen 6 onwards, it was done dirty without its ferocious flames. But I like it anyway!

3 – Shuckle


Shuckle’s here because it’s so damn funny. It literally has polarising stats, and while its hits won’t do a lot, just gotta make sure you bring some extra attacking power. Shiny Shuckle is gorgeous, replacing the red with blue, and it was also my first Lucky shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go (with 98% IV).

2 – Umbreon


Umbreon is the best Eeveelution (in my opinion, anyway), and thus definitely gained a spot on this list. Umbreon’s a nicely bulky Pokemon, with an almost feline appearance, much like its counterpart Eeveelution, Espeon. I think Umbreon pretty much embodied the Dark-type when it was first released (and obligatory shiny is nice comment).

1 – Girafarig


I talked about Girafarig in my post about the best Pokemon from each region, and it’s no different here. I’ve always liked Girafarig, despite it being my white whale for Johto Pokemon in Pokemon Go. As all of these Pokemon on this list, its shiny form is lovely, too. I kinda wish it had a pre-evolution, like a baby giraffe. I also feel that it would have been fun to have been a Psychic/Dark-type, with the tail end representing the Dark-typing. I suppose the Normal-type removes the Ghost weakness and makes it an immunity.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Johto Pokemon

  1. Tim

    I agree with you on so much of this list! Not necessarily order, but the fact that I love nearly all of these Pokemon. Donphan and Girafarig, in particular, don’t get the love they deserve.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I definitely feel the sentiment that Donphan and Girafarig deserve more love than they get. I’m hoping they get brought back to Sword/Shield with the expansions though, even just to hunt for their shinies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. poketravellerlola

        I’m a long way off hunting Shuckle, but I’ll get to it eventually. Currently on phase 2 of Slowpoke, then decided on Wooloo and Rookidee before going near Applin


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