I’m Rebranding!!

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This is important to gain clarity on what’s going on.

So for the past year or so, I’ve gone by most social media and platforms as That Little Lola (or Little Lola, depending). This obviously conflicts with this blog, which is PokeTraveller Lola. As you may recall, I launched a lifestyle blog last year, but I’ve not used it in so long. Therefore, I’ll be shutting that down and rebranding as That Little Lola.

I did run a Twitter poll for this, and the vote swung overwhelmingly in favour of rebranding (well it was four votes, but still, I’m a little creator). Someone didn’t notice the poll (thanks Tim), but he still gave his input and it went with the majority anyway.

What Will Change:

Obviously, there’ll be more content to come to suit all tastes. There will be a bigger variety of stuff to come, and it’s mainly the header, address and to make a new logo. Apart from that, not much will change. It’s mainly so that everything matches on my socials.

What Will Stay The Same:

I’m continuing my Pokemon and travel content, as I was. I have a long list of posts I want to write for you guys, and it will be fun. I will carry on with collaborations, but I may have to edit bits here and there depending on what will work.

When Will This Start?

Well, right now, actually. Because I haven’t bought a domain address yet, I can still be very flexible with this site, which is a blessing in disguise. I am planning on buying a domain by the end of this year, though. It will take time, and I may transfer a couple of posts from my old blog over to here.

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