My First Impressions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters


Hello everyone! As you probably (or not) remember, in December I tasked my first reader Tim to select a topic for me to write about. If you didn’t know, part of his blog is about the Fire Emblem franchise, and myself, on the other hand, I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game. So I’ve been tasked with giving my first impressions of the characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Because of the number of characters, I put them through a random number generator, and Tim picked his own for me to talk about.

So here I am, giving my opinions. They will probably be basic opinions because I usually base first impressions on the appearance along with a line or two of spoken dialogue. In that instance, I’ll probably get their personalities completely wrong (but it means don’t judge a book by its cover, after all). To supplement this, I’m giving some character reminders so there’s a bit of added depth. These will come from any kind of fiction, from anime to games to written works.



The first thing I notice about Petra is that hair. I always wanted that colour hair when I was about 18/19, which seems so long ago now (it actually was). She looks to be quite tough, with a warrior aspect about her, judging by her facial features and hairstyle.

Character Reminders: Cressida (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay)



Raphael reminds me of the sort of character that would die in the fourth chapter of any Danganronpa game. So the gist is that he reminds me of the gentle-giant sort of character that will fuck up anyone that crosses them wrong. That’s kinda what I’m getting from him.

Character Reminders: Ian O’Shea (The Host), Sakura Oogami (Danganronpa), Nekomaru Nidai (Danganronpa 2)



Alois reminds me of the kind of character that seems very intimidating with the armour, or just from his stature. I’ve seen that in other sources and can be a good, firm mentor and protector if was required.

Character Reminders: Arcadios (Fairy Tail), Dragon (House of Night)



Okay, I see the common trope of white/grey-haired anime characters being all moody and strange, so I’m kinda getting that vibe right now. Probably isn’t the case, but we come to expect that crossing one would mean certain death – usually comes from a tragic back-story. I mean, usually, the kindest-looking people just come out straight-up crazy.

Character Reminders: Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa 2), Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)



Now if I thought Ashe’s crazy eyes meant certain death, I was wrong. I’m getting very hostile, very upper-class vibes, and it’s quite intimidating. You kinda don’t want to look at him too long, for fear of him turning to you and saying something like ‘What?’ in a confrontational manner.

Character Reminders: Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa)



Her appearance reminds me of a kind of authoritative figure even as a student, and could easy rally around others to her aid. Probably would work as a mentor or student representative.

Character Reminders: Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven), Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2/3)



Flayn, from the pose given to me, looks like one of those bishoujo girls ready to take on the world, and the entire aesthetic is comforting, and a go-getter. It reminds me of other anime girls who have a comforting appearance in their designs, and that’s what draws me in. Honestly, she’s cute and probably a future cosplay.

Character Reminders: Chisa Yukizome (Danganronpa 3), Niko Niiyama (Kiznaiver)



I’m feeling the same kind of feelings as Flayn, but on the gentler side. She kinda reminds me of a character from one of my own series, who is a medic that sees the future (I will talk about that later). But there are other gentle characters that I see in some ways.

Character Reminders: Charleen Bates (Scarlet Sun), Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)



Annette seems to be one of those heavily attentive characters, rarely missing a beat, perhaps. Although she could be ready to tell someone off if they’ve been untoward, I suppose but maintains positivity all the same.

Character Reminders: Yui Hirasawa (K-On), Aqua (Kono Suba)



Catherine’s is another example of appearing tough (I mean, the armour), but then she probably has a softer side but could be incredibly strong. She seems like a solid aide to have in battle and personally.

Character Reminders: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Leone (Akame ga Kill!)



She feels closed-off to me like she’s deadly serious about what she does, and nothing will get in her way. Like, that’s literally it.

Character Reminders: Akame (Akame ga Kill!), Morga (The Arcana)

6 comments on “My First Impressions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters”

  1. Hooray timing. I wake up, and this is the top tweet on my timeline for recent.

    So you weirdly got a lot of these really closely for having no context other than pictures. Petra, Mercedes, Raphael (aside from the quick dying, but that’s gameplay dependent), and Annette in particular you hit really well. I think the only one you were really far off on was Ashe, but that’s because of the lack of vocal context.

    Side note – I did a ranking of the characters on my blog, but I won’t share the link without an answer to the question below.

    How much description do you want of the characters, since you were considering getting the game and all?


    1. I think I’ll leave the descriptions for the time being, I’d like to go in almost blind, as it were. I am probably going to get the game in the future, so I think once I’m done with it I’ll ask for the link if I remember.

      Honestly I’m surprised with getting a lot of the characters close, but I think because I’ve played games with a large cast before, it’s got to the point where I expect certain characters to behave in certain ways based on appearances alone.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’ll be damned! I guess I’m better at describing characters than I originally thought!


      2. For what it’s worth, you profiled two of my favorite characters in the game in this post — Annette and Shamir. Yes, one was my choice. But still.


      3. Oh yeah, I did have fun having a look at these characters, and all except Shamir were picked by a random generator, it just happened to choose Annette.

        Liked by 1 person

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