What I Pack For A Holiday – Suitcase


I think the most stressful part of a holiday is the packing that ensues whenever you go on a trip. Of course, the more you travel, the easier it becomes. I find it moderately easy now for short trips, but for longer stays (or when I packed to move to Portugal) it was stressful as all hell.

I want to go through the things I would typically pack for a 3-night stay, as that’s the average time I usually go on a trip. This is mainly stuff I would pack in a suitcase, but there are other things I’d keep in a handbag.

I found this feature image on a Google search.

Before we get into it, I’ll let you know that it’s important to check with your hotel/AirBnB host to see what they provide. They may provide towels and other amenities so that you don’t have to bring them. Therefore, I tend to be quite minimalist when packing, making sure I bring enough to last me throughout the trip.


Of course, I don’t want to be walking around naked or in the same clothes for three days, so socks, underwear and t-shirts suffice, and usually pyjamas if it’s winter. I have to make sure that I have enough clothes to last the holiday. Sometimes I’ll add a dress and leggings during summer if I feel like wearing something nice.

Charge cables/plugs

Nowadays I can find hotel rooms with USB charging ports beside the bed, which is pretty cool, but I like to have plugs and cables, my life is surrounded by technology, especially now when I’m thinking of the blog full-time (without pay), and to keep in touch with others. However, we watch the TV in the hotel room normally, where we wouldn’t normally at home.

Of course, if I was to travel to a country with a different outlet to the UK, I would bring adapters that will work in that country. I would bring about three if I was travelling solo, otherwise, I would add an extra adapter.


A hairdryer is a must for when I’m going out for exploring. I have quite long hair, so it takes a long time to dry naturally, and then it’s wavy. While hairdryers are a staple in hotel rooms, I can’t go without my own, which is a Neutech Touch Me, which I got from (of all places) a Pingo Doce supermarket in Lisbon. I am in love with it, and I’d be sad to lose it. It’s a touch-controlled hairdryer that dries even my long hair so fast – even my mum was amazed when she borrowed it!

Of course, a hairbrush is essential for me, as I did mention, I have quite long hair. I don’t usually bring straighteners, because my hair usually ends up relatively straight after I’ve blow-dried it.


Toiletries areΒ essential to how I function. Because I have to shower every day, I have to take shampoo, shower gel and a disposable razor – I recommend these from Wilko, because they have the solidness of a normal razor, but they’re easier to acquire – I’ve found that my favourite normal razor is usually cheap to buy extra razor blades for, so they’re usually out of stock. Basically, my hair is so greasy that I have to shower every day – I have tried every other day, but the greasiness never went away. I use L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths, which I started using in Portugal, and combined with the less harsh water than I’m used to, it made my hair so soft.

Of course, I also bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. Gotta keep up that dental hygiene! I keep all of my toiletries in a big toiletries bag, and I often keep Connor’s toiletries in the same bag if he’s travelling with me. I also make a note to bring nail scissors or tweezers, in case we encounter any nail problems or anything that requires these instruments. I mean, you never know! We also bring face wipes and deodorant – also very important!

Obviously, I also have feminine toiletries that I bring when the time arises.

Sometimes though, I keep a lot of suitcase space free so that I can do some shopping when I’m travelling, and oftentimes buy souvenirs that I keep in the suitcase. It’s why I literally pack the essentials, and if I forget something, then I can always buy it while I’m there.

I wonder what others will pack into their suitcases. I might make a post of what I would usually pack in an in-flight carry-on at some point, as a continuation. It’s a bit more interesting than this one, I’m sure.

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