Top 10 Kanto Pokemon

Hello! Now that I’ve got all of my other posts out of the way, I thought I’d write a new series, and it’ll be a big one. I want to go around each and every region, and give them a top 10 list!

Today’s is the OG region, Kanto. Kanto was probably everyone’s first region and is synonymous for being the one that GameFreak and Niantic are accused of pandering to. But you can’t deny that it has a great array of Pokemon. I will note that any Pokemon with a regional variant will be classed as a Pokemon of that region (for example, Galarian Ponyta will be considered for the Galar list).

10 – Paras


Paras was a Pokemon that I really liked when I was playing through LeafGreen but liked less once it evolved into Parasect. I remember finding Paras adorable, although definitely weak. I like Parasect more than I used to, but I still find Paras endearing, and so it deserves to be on this list.

9 – Aerodactyl


Aerodactyl was my white whale a couple of years back when playing Pokemon Go – it was so rare, and I had to rely on an event to get one. But it’s such a cool Pokemon, not to mention it’s not a pushover either. Its Mega Evolution just makes it faster and ensures it hits harder. What a beast! You have to wonder why it went extinct in the first place.

8 – Gengar


Gengar apparently visits children that are naughty – who knew? Gengar is pretty much the poster boy for Ghost types, and it’s as sinister as you could imagine. It would have been an absolute powerhouse if it hadn’t had the Poison-type attached to it, ensuring Alakazam and other Psychic-types were disgustingly overpowered in Gen 1. However, it was a delight to use one in my Let’s Go playthrough.

7 – Arcanine


Arcanine is literally a Legendary Pokemon without being a Legendary Pokemon. Seriously, it’s categorised as such. However, Arcanine is still a fan favourite and is the goodest of boys (you know it, I know it, we all know it!). While I haven’t really used an Arcanine, I can appreciate why it’s a fan favourite, and it’s such a lovely design. And yes, I loved riding an Arcanine in Let’s Go.

6 – Gyarados


Gyarados is the original destructive force, and it’s surprising that it evolved from such a pathetic Pokemon such as Magikarp. It’s worth the switch-training for this Pokemon, especially if you didn’t choose Squirtle as a starter. It was also viable as hell in Pokemon Go for the longest time and is still a great back-up if you don’t have a good Kyogre (or one at all).

5 – Nidoking


Nidoking was a beast in Let’s Go and deservedly earned an attack boost from Gen 6 onwards. I enjoyed using this on my Let’s Go team, and I find it superior over Nidoqueen and made a nice change to use a different Poison-type in Kanto, as it’s set apart from the abundance of Grass/Poison-types. I think if it wasn’t for the Let’s Go games, I would not have included this Pokemon in the list.

4 – Machamp


Machamp is a Pokemon that I thoroughly enjoy using in Pokemon Go, as a solid Fighting-type attacker. Lucario is better now it gets Aura Sphere, but Machamp is easier to access for most people due to the abundance of Machop in the wild, as well as Machamp, being a regular in Raid battles.

3 – Zapdos


I’ve discussed before the story of why Zapdos is high in this list, and I’ll explain it briefly again – Zapdos was my first-ever Legendary Pokemon encounter and the first that I caught. I also loved its typing and design, which made it even more special to me. I probably would have liked it all the same if Moltres or Articuno were my first, though.

Its shiny is terrible though.

2 – Hypno


This one is hugely steeped in nostalgia, admittedly. Throughout my first LeafGreen playthrough, Hypno was my Metronome spammer. It’s one of the Pokemon that I think of when I hear the move Metronome (the other being Clefable). I loved the different outcomes Metronome had, and it made Hypno fun.

Drowzee was also my first shiny hunt in Let’s Go.

1 – Omastar


I have to praise Lord Helix here. Omastar is such a funny-looking Pokemon, and I can’t really put my finger on why I like it so much, but I know I do. For me, it’s the OG fossil Pokemon that I chose, and even though I rarely use it at the best of times, it still has a special place in my cold, dead heart.

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