What Are My Community Day Predictions? – Part 2

Back in December, I wrote about my Community Day predictions going from Kanto to Unova. This time, I want to discuss the Pokemon from Kalos to Galar – providing that Community Days are still a thing by this point (earlier in the year, I wrote about favoured Research Day ideas, only for Research Days to be scrapped).

As before, there are three rules to this:

  • They must be a three-stage family (this includes branched evolutions).
  • They must not have their shiny released yet.
  • Their base form cannot be a Baby Pokemon.

Let’s start from Kalos this time, all the way through to Galar:



As I’ve explained with Piplup and the Unova starters, from here on out, I will label all starter Pokemon as guaranteed for a Community Day. Chespin would be getting Frenzy Plant upon its evolution to Chesnaught. Shiny Chespin’s quite nice, too.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Fennekin, even though it’s one of the least-liked starter Pokemon due to its evolution, will no doubt see a Community Day. Upon evolution, Delphox will gain the move Blast Burn. And I’m going to be one of those with the unpopular opinion here, but I don’t mind the line at all, especially in their shiny forms.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Froakie is the most anticipated of this set of starters, due to its evolution, Greninja. Greninja is a fan favourite, in the same fashion as Charizard. Greninja will no doubt obtain Hydro Cannon upon evolution, and with any luck, will also obtain the move Water Shuriken as a bonus – this runs parallel to Swampert, which also gained Muddy Water during its Community Day.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Fletchling is just like the other Route 1 birds – very unlikely and may appear as a shiny later down the line. Talonflame wouldn’t be very useful, depending on its current moveset. However, I feel it will have its own dedicated shiny release during a Kalos event.

Chances for Community Day: Very unlikely



Scatterbug wouldn’t be a bad Community Day Pokemon. However, its issue lies with Vivillon. Vivillon evolves into different patterns depending on the region that the game is started in the main-series games. This will be difficult to implement in Go, and I registered a way to do this in Go in my Regional Predictions post. They may make it its own special event, though, such as a Bug-catching event, which would be nice.

Chances for Community Day: Very unlikely



Flabébé has the same conundrum as Vivillon – it has different forms. I feel it would be unlikely to be a Community Day Pokemon, and instead would be down to Research tasks instead, changing around every quarter, possibly. Eventually, they would release shiny Flabébé after the forms have been distributed at least once.

Chances for Community Day: Unlikely



Aegislash is another fan favourite, and does justice to the trope of inanimate objects being Pokemon. It also has a gorgeous shiny, and not having Honedge be a Community Day would be a missed opportunity, especially when we’ve had Swinub beforehand.

Chances for Community Day: Very likely



Goomy evolves into a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, but considering that Gible was released as a shiny earlier, Goomy gets relegated from ‘guaranteed’ to ‘very likely’. It’s probably my least favourite pseudo-legendary anyway, but I like the shiny at least.

Chances for Community Day: Very likely



Rowlet was a huge fan choice when Sun and Moon first came out, so I’m expecting people to be clamouring over Rowlet Community Day. Like its grassy predecessors, it’ll get Frenzy Plant as its exclusive move when evolved to Decidueye.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Litten will get the same treatment as any other Fire starter – Blast Burn for Incineroar. At least its shiny stands out massively from its normal form – turning white instead of black.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Popplio, my favourite Alolan starter. Always getting picked on for being ‘strange’, but I chose it for both of my Alolan playthroughs. Primarina will get the exclusive move Hydro Cannon – it’s actually a shame the Alolan starters won’t get their signature moves instead though.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Pikipek is a Route 1 bird – you know the drill by now, surely?

Chances for Community Day: Very unlikely



I’m putting this high on the tiers because Grubbin is my favourite early Bug-type, and this is purely because of Charjabug. I like shiny Vikavolt, but I’d love to keep a bright red Charjabug, and I’d love one for a Community Day. This one is pure bias, I swear.

Chances for Community Day: Likely



Bounsweet is pretty…sweet, and I’m mainly adding Bounsweet as a possibility because there really aren’t many eligible Alolan Pokemon, much like in Kalos.

Chances for Community Day: Unlikely



Shiny Kommo-o reminds me a lot of a raspberry or strawberry lemonade, and it makes me thirsty to think about. Jangmo-o follows the same ruling as Deino and Goomy before it, with Kommo-o being a pseudo-legendary (I usually forget that status because I usually one-shot it with my Primarina). Now if only it could learn Clanging Scales upon evolution.

Chances for Community Day: Very likely



Grookey Gang rejoice! This little adorable chimp will grow up to be Phil Collins the Rillaboom on the drums, drumming to the beat of Frenzy Plant. Oh, now I can come up with great ways to mention the signature moves!

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



My Billy the Scorbunny will grow up to be the best football player with the move…Blast Burn? Gotta admit though, the animation for Pyro Ball is lit. Cinderace is great!

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Okay, Sobble will get Hydro Cannon when evolved to Inteleon. Shame about the Snipe Shot though, that animation is beautiful.

Are we done with all the starters? We know what they get and what happens now! Let’s move on.

Chances for Community Day: Guaranteed



Can we talk about how Rookidee would be nice for a Community Day, except it’s a Route 1 bird, as usual. So it gets the Galar event shiny treatment, probably in conjunction with Skwovet.

Chances for Community Day: Very unlikely



Blipbug falls in line with most of the early-route Bugs – it’s probably not gonna happen. I think Dottler’s shiny is great and same with Orbeetle, but I don’t think it’s enough to make a Blipbug Community Day happen.

Chances for Community Day: Unlikely



I can see Rolycoly getting a Community Day, but I can also see it getting an Adventure Week shiny release at the same time. Either conclusion is likely though, so we’ll stick it in ‘likely’ and be done with it.

Chances for Community Day: Likely



Applin is here because despite being a two-stage line, it has two separate forms. Applin will evolve into both Flapple and Appletun when using the Tart Apple and Sweet Apple in-game respectively. Applin would be a fun shiny hunt, kinda like apple-picking. I think I’d have fun with this Community Day.

Chances for Community Day: Likely



I see Hatenna in the same light as Ralts – it’s very similar, right down to the covered eyes. Plus it evolves into a Psychic/Fairy monster, which is pretty cool. And shiny Hatterene is really nice too, so that helps.

Chances for Community Day: Very likely



Could you imagine if Niantic decided to announce Impidimp Community Day in the same fashion that GameFreak announced Impidimp in the first place? There would be no announcement, and that would be pretty funny (also not to mention, infuriating). The entire Impidimp line has a nice shiny form as well.

Chances for Community Day: Likely



Dreepy is the last of the pick for now, and also evolves into a pseudo-legendary, Dragapult. The entire family has a nice shiny form and would be fun to hunt for during a Community Day. However, I can expect Niantic to decide to make Dreepy especially rare, just like they have done with Gible and Deino.

Chances for Community Day: Very likely

9 thoughts on “What Are My Community Day Predictions? – Part 2

  1. Tim

    I’m really hoping Delphox also gets access to Mystical Fire in addition to Blast Burn. The Fennekin line is one of my favorite starter lines, so I’d love to see it gets its signature moves.

    The big one that surprised me on this list is Grubbin. I’d never in a million years guess it’d get a Community Day. That said, when you stop to look at the Alolan options, it kind of makes sense. As much as I’d rather see Bounsweet, I think you might be right on that one.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I’d quite to see Bounsweet, honestly, with Tsarenna getting Trop Kick as its special move. But I have a huge soft spot for Grubbin and its line, especially Charjabug, so it had to rank highly just for that.

      And I’m surprised to hear you like the Fennekin line, because a lot of people I hear from say they hate that line. Mystical Fire would be great to see on Delphox, as well as Blast Burn.


      1. Tim

        It’s my best friend’s favorite Pokémon (Delphox, that is). After hatching a couple hundred eggs to get her a shiny female Fennekin that I evolved into Delphox and gave special moves to, I developed a bit of a soft spot for it.


      2. poketravellerlola

        I chose Fennekin when playing Y and really enjoyed using Delphox. You’ll find most people only hate on Delphox because it’s bipedal and because Greninja exists in the same game.


      3. Tim

        Most of my in-game team in Shield is currently bipedal Pokemon. I’m currently running Inteleon, Excadrill, Toxtricity, and Tsareena, so 2/3 of my team is bipedal (the others being Frosmoth and Sylveon).


      4. poketravellerlola

        I knew you’d have Frosmoth on your team…

        I ran Cinderace, Toxtricity, Sandaconda, Dragapult, Rapidash and Barraskewda, so I had a good mix. I definitely don’t dislike bipedal Pokemon for the sake of them being bipedal – after all, Lotad has six legs and Ludicolo gets two at the end.


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