My Wishlist for Future Pokemon Games

We all have a list of things that we’d like to see in any new Pokemon game, and a lot of the things that I will be discussing is what others would like to see, too. We’ve come fresh off of Sword and Shield, and while they are great games, I feel that there are other things that could have been added to flesh out the games more (and I’m not talking about the National Dex, obviously).

So here is my list of things I’d like to see in future Pokemon games.

Age/Difficulty Options

I find Pokemon to be a great self-insert, and I know that it’s a game marketed at children. However, I feel odd playing as a child, and I’m sure others would be, too. This is why I think generic age options would be better, so you could have four age ranges – 10, 14, 18 and 21. That way, you could self-insert to a better degree, and it could also age up your rival.

A hidden bonus in this would be that it would also act as a set of difficulty options. This will act in the same way as the difficulty settings in Black 2 and White 2. It’ll reflect that the older you are, you’re more likely to have more experience (I mean, I say that as someone who was 20 when I first played Pokemon).

Pokemon Walking With You

This is the massive opportunity that was left out of Sword and Shield, and that was having Pokemon following you, or being able to ride on them. After the massive success that was Let’s Go in that aspect, it felt that the Galar wasn’t truly wholesome without this aspect, considering Pokemon could chase you down in the overworld. This would make the experience overall very enriching, especially now with Pokemon Go adding this feature of having your buddy Pokemon on the overworld.

A Second Region In Post-Game

Since the days of Johto and Kanto connections, we’ve not really been able to explore another region after the end of the original game. I don’t mind if this happens in Generation 10, but at the same time it depends on the game’s limitations at the time, and which console it would be released on. I would assume this would happen on a more powerful console than the Switch. I think in order to limit the OP levels, the games would have to have a slow levelling scale, like in HeartGold/SoulSilver, or have you leave your team behind to take up a new one (I’m less fond of the latter, I have to say).

A New Eeveelution

We were expecting a new Eeveelution during Sword and Shield because new Eeveelutions usually came every even-numbered generation. However, for Generation 8, this hasn’t happened, and we were expecting a Dragon- or Steel-type Eeveelution to join the ranks as a counterpart to Sylveon. It’s only a small request, but it’s something that I’d like to see happen.

A Different Kind of Mythical Distribution

For a while now, we’ve had the same distribution mechanic of just giving us Legendaries and Mythicals via Mystery Gift, rather than events or in-game stories. I feel that what would be a great idea to implement is to present an optional downloadable story (free, of course) to play out, so then it will uncover a Mythical Pokemon to catch afterwards. It’ll be so much better to do it that way, considering then we’ll have worked for that Mythical.

A Better Communication System

Player Search System was great. Festival Plaza was…awful. Y-Comm is okay, because at least it cuts the crap from the Festival Plaza, and is straightforward for the most part, but lacks finesse, especially when searching for a link trade or a Max Raid battle. The lack of a GTS hurts, too. I have to rely on luck to find a foreign Ditto for a Masuda hunt.

I just wish the Y-Comm was easier to navigate, or just keep the PSS in the background while you’re in the overworld.

I’m interested in what features you think should be added or tweaked in the Pokemon games. Would you like to see HMs make a return? Would you like to see cuttable bushes make their resurgence? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “My Wishlist for Future Pokemon Games

  1. Tim

    I didn’t hate Festival Plaza…but only because it was the first internet connectivity functionality I had access to in Pokemon games, as I played Gen V and VI after Sun/Moon. I feel like Y-Comm is a significant downgrade from Festival Plaza, however, I also recognize that’s personal preference.

    If we are getting a new Eeveelution in the future, I really would love for it to be Poison type. I read somewhere that Umbreon was originally supposed to be Poison type, which would have been great. That said, I do still want to see that.


    1. poketravellerlola

      Umbreon as a Poison-type makes sense considering its Pokedex entries, and now that you mention it, Poison-type would also link with Sylveon, as Fairy is weak to Poison.

      I think the interaction with the other avatars was annoying through Festival Plaza, and I also didn’t like the random trade requests in there either. I played Gen VI after Sun/Moon, and I still prefer the PSS over Festival Plaza. I do wish that Y-Comm was more streamlined in terms of finding raids that you can actually join in.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tim

        I have yet to be able to join a single random (non-code) raid in Sw/Sh unless I started it myself. It’s just such a weird communication system.


      2. poketravellerlola

        I’ve had difficulty at some points, but I’ve been able to join sometimes. I got lucky with joining a G-Max Appletun


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