What Are My Community Day Predictions? – Part 1

Well as you probably know by now, Niantic threw us for a loop when they decided to release shiny Gible, meaning, for the most part, unless they change the system, there will be no Community Day for this practically non-existent Pokemon. This does not bode well for Deino either, as this is another practically non-existent Pokemon that may get the same treatment.

Going based on this, I’m going to predict the future of Pokemon Go Community Days, as well as how likely each family is in getting their own.

There are three rules to this:

  • They must be a three-stage family (this includes branched evolutions).
  • They must not have their shiny released yet.
  • Their base form cannot be a Baby Pokemon.

Let’s start all the way back to Kanto, and go all the way to Unova for this part – Kalos to Galar will be in the next part:



Weedle Community Day sounds very bizarre as I’m typing this out right now. Weedle is going to be very unlikely, as its counterpart, Caterpie, already has its shiny released. Weedle is already quite common as a spawn and isn’t a special kind of Pokemon. Including Weedle would be a strange choice for Niantic.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



I’m including Abra as a Community Day option because it has not had its official release yet. Shiny Abra was accidentally released during Go Fest in Chicago, and was quickly retracted, and hasn’t made an appearance since. There has to be a reason why Abra has been left to fester, for lack of better words. Could it be a Community Day Pokemon in the future?

Chances of Community Day: Likely



Bellsprout may or may not be a likely Community Day Pokemon, as its counterpart, Oddish, already has its shiny form released during Safari Zone. There’s not a whole lot else to say about it, really.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



I’d laugh if a Slowpoke Community Day came very late into the Community Day cycle, but I can see it being a Water-based event shiny or a Go Fest/Safari Zone, rather than its own Community Day.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



Rhyhorn is a fantastic candidate for a Community Day, as it has relevance in both physical attacking prowess as well as Master League PvP. At the end of it all, Rhyperior may end up with Rock Wrecker as its Community Day move! It’s a good alternative for those who don’t have the other options, such as Excadrill or Garchomp.

Chances of Community Day: Very likely



Porygon is a Community Day that is highly anticipated by the community, with people setting aside their Shadow/Lucky Porygons in favour of a chance of a Community Day exclusive move. Will Niantic take the chance and give us the Porygon Community Day?

Chances of Community Day: Likely



I’m not joking when I say that Hoppip is the only Johto Pokemon that is currently eligible for a Community Day. This means that there are no more Johto Pokemon that are good enough for a Community Day (sorry Hoppip). I feel that Hoppip’s shiny release would be better placed in a new Grass-type event.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



Wurmple has a great set of evolutions which requires having at least two shinies – into Silcoon and into Cascoon, which then have Beautifly and Dustox respectively. However, Wurmple’s shiny may get released alongside the party hat, though.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



Seedot’s counterpart, Lotad, got its own Research Day and considering that Research Days are unlikely to reappear, we’ll look into Seedot getting its own Community Day instead. Seedot has a great shiny which will be a joy to search for on the day.

Chances of Community Day: Likely



Nincada would be a great Community Day addition. It could be found in the wild, and then evolve it. You could perhaps have the ‘Catch 3 Nincada’ to encounter Shedinja, with the chance of that being a shiny. The only issue with this is that Nincada was never released into the wild, and is currently only available in 10km eggs. Therefore it’s an unlikely addition to the roster, as fun as the concept sounds.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



I quite like Whismur as a Pokemon, but I doubt that it’ll be part of the Community Day roster. It’s a pretty basic Pokemon, despite the nice shiny. However, I can see its shiny being released in a different event entirely.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



Our friendly neighbourhood ice ball would be a nice candidate for a Community Day. It’ll be one of those filler Pokemon, I’m sure, but Swinub was the same. It follows the same pattern of the blue Hoenn Pokemon becoming pink/purple upon the shiny form, but we still like this literal goofball.

Chances of Community Day: Likely



At the time of writing this, Piplup hasn’t been confirmed to be a Community Day Pokemon. However, following the current pattern, Piplup is a guarantee to be released in January’s iteration, with the guaranteed Hydro Cannon as its signature move.

Chances of Community Day: Guaranteed



Starly isn’t your standard Community Day fare – it’s a Route 1 bird, and like Pidgey and Taillow before it, Starly will likely have a separate event where its shiny is released, probably alongside Bidoof. I can’t see a Starly Community Day happening at all.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



Snivy will kick off proceedings with its own Community Day, expected around March 2020. Snivy will no doubt evolve into Serperior, which will get the exclusive move Frenzy Plant.

Chances of Community Day: Guaranteed



Tepig will join the other Fire-type starters when it evolves into Emboar, gaining the exclusive move Blast Burn. While we’re not too keen on Emboar at the end here at PTL HQ, you can’t deny the adorableness of Tepig. Tepig’s Community Day, if following the pattern, would be expected in May 2020.

Chances of Community Day: Guaranteed



Here we have the final of the Unova starters, Oshawott, which will get Hydro Cannon upon its evolution to Samurott. It could be expected in July 2020 and would be highly-anticipated by me, and perhaps not many others. I seem to be one of the few people that genuinely like Samurott.

Chances of Community Day: Guaranteed



I said this about Starly, and no. Pidove, as the standard Route 1 bird, is very likely to get a shiny release in a separate event. So it won’t get a Community Day event.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



Roggenrola would be a great addition to the Community Day line-up, and it has a nice shiny that would be exciting to hunt for. Plus Gigalith is a popular Pokemon, and I would be excited to see it. There are more solid contenders though.

Chances of Community Day: Likely



As much as I’d enjoy having Timburr as a Community Day Pokemon, more often than not, Fighting-types have had their shiny releases reserved for the Battle Showdown events, Machop being one of them. Conkeldurr has the potential to be meta-relevant, but that will be an incentive for people to catch Timburr for Battle Showdown – Timburr’s release may actually be around that time.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



Saying it bluntly, Seismitoad isn’t a fan favourite. It may be likely that it has its shiny release during some kind of event or launch at random, rather than a Community Day where people are unenthusiastic about it.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



Bug-types are usually done dirty for Community Days, as we have not yet had one. Sewaddle, I doubt will fill that void, and I’ll come to that later. It’ll probably be launched as a shiny later down the line, but as I see it being the more common of the two three-stage Bug-types, I think this one won’t see a shiny release for a while.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



Venipede may be the rarer of the two three-stage Bug-types and therefore get a shiny release first. But it won’t be via Community Day. There may be a future Bug-type event, and it will probably get its shiny release there instead.

Chances of Community Day: Very unlikely



I would love to have a Sandile Community Day, and Krookodile is a great Pokemon, one of my top 3 in Unova, for that matter. I can see Sandile getting a Community Day in the same vein as Trapinch, only more popular.

Chances of Community Day: Likely



I’m going to come out and say that I dread the idea of a Gothita Community Day. I feel that it should be released as some kind of event, or held off for a long time, just like some of the other Psychic-types, like Abra.

Chances of Community Day: Likely/Unlikely



Solosis is pretty much Gothita’s better-liked cousin, and I can understand it. Its entire concept revolves around the splitting of cells, and Reuniclus grows on me more every time I see it. Honestly, I think if I had to choose between Solosis and Gothita to get a Community Day, it’d be Solosis, hands down. It could be likely, or it could be another event shiny. Who knows?

Chances of Community Day: Likely



I feel like Vanillite may get a shiny upon its release, predicting around the summer-time. So I feel that Vanillite will be lucky to get a Community Day shiny release if anything. The Vanillite line isn’t a popular family by any means, so having a Community Day based around them would hurt the day itself more than anything.

Chances of Community Day: Unlikely



My friend Sam sees Tynamo being a Community Day Pokemon, but I’m not so sure. However, because I personally like Tynamo, I’ll have it as a likely contender. I’ll do this purely for Eelektross’s shiny, as it’s a magnificent green colour, and plus it gives me the opportunity to misspell Eelektross like I usually do.

Chances of Community Day: Likely



The entire Litwick family is a fan favourite, and I’m currently saving a Lampent for a Litwick Community Day, which would be nice in October, to be ready for Halloween. However, it could take the Gastly path and have its release around Halloween anyway.

Chances of Community Day: Very likely



Haxorus is the Pokemon that often gets confused for being a pseudo-legendary (it clearly isn’t). However, due to its popularity, I can see it getting a Community Day pretty easily. Also, shiny Haxorus is absolutely beautiful, and I think a Lucky variant would be the icing on the cake.

Chances of Community Day: Very likely



This poor thing would have been guaranteed for my prediction until Gible’s shiny was wrongly (in my opinion) released. So it got relegated to the ‘very likely’ category, because hopefully, Niantic has good intentions with this beast.

Chances of Community Day: Very likely











6 thoughts on “What Are My Community Day Predictions? – Part 1

  1. Tim

    I would die laughing if they gave us a Wurmple Community Day that was done in the same vein as Squirtle day. Getting party hat Wurmple as the Pokestop reward would be amazing.

    That said, I really want you to be wrong about Rhyhorn and Axew, even though I don’t think you are. While Rock Wrecker has the potential to be a great move, it should logically be implemented like Hyper Beam — a single-bar move with a ton of power. Considering Rhydon and Rhyperior’s current move pool (and how it’s full of those moves already), I don’t see much benefit to that being its Community Day move, aside from novelty. Haxorus and Charizard are the only two black shinies I really don’t like (albeit for very different reasons). I know we’ll see a Community Day for it, but that doesn’t mean I want to.


    1. poketravellerlola

      We’ve already had Community Days for Pokemon we generally disliked (Slakoth, for instance), but I feel that Rhyhorn is the more forgettable choice. Haxorus is, I dare say, a fan favourite, but I’d personally like it to be a CD Pokemon as long as it becomes meta relevant with its exclusive move.


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