Christmas Hiatus & Future Scheduling


Hey! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts this year, and it’s been an incredible 9 months with you all, and building up the confidence and motivation to post has been amazing.

I will be taking a short hiatus from posting for the Christmas period so that I can unwind. I also want to revive an old writing project and start afresh, so it’s publisher-worthy after seven years of on/off production.

I will be back after Thursday 2nd January with some new content!

Don’t worry – I also have the second part of my Community Day predictions scheduled for after the hiatus, I haven’t neglected that. I will also come back with some new series of content to come in January.

Tuesdays will feature various Top 10 and ranked lists for Pokemon until I run out of ideas (which isn’t likely).

February will have a different schedule for the days leading up to my birthday! I’d like to work on some more short stories in the future, so stick around for that!

Until then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

2 comments on “Christmas Hiatus & Future Scheduling”

    1. I’m more likely gonna be working on new content for January, rather than actually relaxing. Definitely taking the next few days off for obligatory Christmas celebrations with family.


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