Letting My Reader Pick A Topic For Me


Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I run out of ideas really quickly.

With that in mind, I’d like to have fun with a post I want to submit in the first week of January. And considering I have no writing-related post to share with you today, I want to do this instead. Plus I want to be able to write something based on what someone requests.

A little bit of back-story: back in March, I resurfaced my old blog (this one), because I’d left it untouched for nine months. I found a comment on one of my posts (probably the initial hiatus post), and it was from a guy that was simply called Tim. Before, I wasn’t getting the viewership I craved from such a platform, and I’d deflated (on top of having to move abroad). It kinda reignited my passion, knowing someone has read my posts and actually liked them. Over these past nine months, we’ve connected through the art of blogging and writing, and have shared collaborations and inspiration. Seriously, check out his website! And buy his book!

So here is my proposal – Tim, I know you’re reading this! So for a post that will be submitted on Saturday 11th January 2020, please choose a topic for me to write about. And it could literally be about anything! Except for your book review!

Cheers! I shall have fun with whatever you throw at me!

5 comments on “Letting My Reader Pick A Topic For Me”

      1. Have you played/are you familiar with Fire Emblem: Three Houses? If not, I have a post idea. I can DM you it if you want


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