2019 in Review (+ Decade)

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This year has definitely had its ups and downs. I was still fresh from the return from Portugal, and I was already looking to move out. My home situation had not improved – my mum and her shag-piece were arguing, as usual, all the time, and the grief was still raw from my uncle’s passing.

I spent some of New Year scared for the year to come, already feeling trapped by the idea of staying in that circumstance, jobless, and not being able to find somewhere else to live. January didn’t see much in the way of improvement.

February came, and so did my birthday. Me and Connor spent three peaceful days in Nottingham, where we enjoy the Lights Fest in the Old Market Square, being able to freely go where we wanted, and free to generally have fun. I’ll always say that before October, the only times when I felt truly at peace were when me and Connor would take trips away. And we did three this year!

I also sprained my left foot so badly I needed crutches and a boot for a while. That put a dampener on Swinub Community Day, as well as Clamperl Research Day.

March rolled around, and I decided to relaunch the blog after my hiatus, which initially was intended to be short. I found that I enjoyed writing again, but I had to find the time to do so around job hunting and generally being motivated. It also helped that my first interaction with Tim was such a positive one that I felt so much more motivated to get posts written from then on.

I also did a huge declutter of my stuff, and I donated so much. I posted about it on my second blog (which I never use).

Throughout the year, I was shamed and judged for playing Pokemon Go, and I did let it get to me because leaving the house meant that I would be judged as though I was a prostitute (basically the wank-stain made it so that me playing Pokemon Go was as bad as prostitution).

I did get a job in a beetroot factory, but the line manager there was a bit of an arse when I requested a job transfer. I was pretty much forced out of that job. That also caused issues, because I’m ‘supposed to be in a factory job’ and I’ll ‘never get a job in business admin or wherever’. Well, I’ll never get a job in business admin if I don’t go for it, after all.

There was also a lot of background stuff, basically, people trying to keep me and Connor apart so that I could be mentally manipulated and isolated. It was an unhealthy situation, but I was already looking to move out anyway.

In September, I sprained my right foot, and once again needed crutches and a boot. I was also told that there was a small chance of a fracture (no fractures, thankfully).

On 1st October, I finally got the keys to the flat that I now share with Connor, and I’ve never been happier, honestly. My mental health has improved immensely, and I have huge plans for 2020 and beyond.

I also volunteered in a receptionist/administration capacity, and this week was my final week on a work placement basis.

And now for the decade past! You know about 2019, so this’ll go from 2010 up to 2018! I’ll also throw in some pictures along the way!


Hawt Stuff

  • Struggling in sixth form.
  • Had a crush on a guy that was a bit of a dick.
  • Went to Germany for my 18th birthday, and that’s what sparked my love for travelling.
  • Met Steve, who’s still my friend nearly a whole decade later.
  • Actually passed through sixth form but decided to go to a vocational college for Art.
  • Had my first job, and quit after three weeks (practically slave labour and the boss hated me).
  • Reunited with some old friends in college, and ended the year on a high.



  • Was introduced to anime and manga.
  • Went to see Russell Howard live. Great performance!
  • Started learning to drive.
  • Met Connor for the first time.
  • Started getting more into gaming.
  • I started exploring more interests and hobbies.
  • Attended my first convention – ReCon.
  • Actually developed a crush on a different guy.
  • Started applying for university.



  • Managed to get a stomach virus and food poisoning within a month.
  • Due to complications from food poisoning, I ended up losing 4 stone.
  • Started going to the local wargames club and took up roleplaying for the first time.
  • Got in at University of Lincoln to do Contemporary Lens Media.
  • Passed my driving test on the second attempt.
  • Met Steve in person for the first time.
  • Also played my first Pokemon game – LeafGreen.
  • The guy I crushed on liked me back – yep, it was Connor.
  • Headed out to Lincoln for university.
  • Actually disliked the course, and started the leaving process.



  • Formally left university.
  • Oh, the financial issues from leaving university.
  • Was diagnosed with moderate depression and severe anxiety.
  • Turns out I have sciatic issues from a gymnastics accident when I was 14.
  • I celebrated my 21st birthday.
  • Applied to go back to college to study Business.
  • For the first (and probably the last) time, I got to sit in a Ferrari.
  • Started the application process to study HND Business Studies at the college.



  • Got into the HND Business course on an unconditional offer.
  • Passed the original course with a double Distinction*.
  • Became a Student Representative for the course.
  • It turns out I’m good at finance subjects.
  • I got some surgery done – stuff to do with toenails.



  • Got a cat. His name is Baldrick.
  • Started going to the gym and losing weight.
  • Took part in the Race For Life, and did the 5km in 44 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • I started making plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to go to a gig. The gig was in 2017, but they announced dates in 2015…



  • I discovered the joy that is the Danganronpa franchise.
  • Took part in the Race For Life again, this time in 46 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • Pokemon Go launched…
  • My mum ditched the dead weight in the form of her ex-boyfriend…
  • …and picked up another dead weight in the form of her current boyfriend.
  • I graduated from my HND Business course and went on to the final year to gain my BA (Hons).
  • Was elected as Student Representative, rather than volunteering this time.



  • I went on that trip to Dublin with Connor. It was our first holiday abroad.
  • I went to Nottingham as well, for the first time. I absolutely loved it there.
  • I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies. That graduation day was ruined, and I’ll never get that back.
  • I started the long road of unemployment.
  • I was also diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and was put on antidepressants.



  • I started going on this healthy lifestyle programme, but the woman who ran it was condescending even if you maintained the weight.
  • PokeTraveller Lola launched on 27th March 2018!
  • My mum ended up having a heart attack this year too.
  • I had a lot of family issues this year, though. A lot of it stemmed from unemployment.
  • I did go on a long hiatus from PokeTraveller Lola.
  • I got the opportunity to go to Lisbon, Portugal for work, and I took it.
  • I also decided to leave that job and return to the UK.



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