Top 10 Pokemon of All Time

I’ve not touched on this yet, but there’s no point in skirting around the topic any longer. It’s finally time for the list of my top 10 Pokemon of all time. And because this is my list, it’s my opinion. I don’t care if Dracovish is disgustingly good (it actually is though).

Can we preface this with the acknowledgement that Sword and Shield really knocked it out of the park when it comes to new Pokemon? Each Pokemon that was introduced has a purpose, and I think the small amount of new Pokemon shouldn’t matter when you have the quality of them. But it’s an incentive to think through and list my all-time favourite Pokemon.

10 – Zapdos600px-145Zapdos

Zapdos was my OG Legendary – back in my Leaf Green days, I was around the Power Plant and I saw this strange yellow bird. I had to go up to it, and then the lovely Legendary battle theme came on, and I knew it was different. Zapdos was the first Legendary I ever fought, and the first Legendary I ever caught. It didn’t impact my decision to go to Team Valor though, but it’s still my favourite of the Legendary Birds.

9 – Primarina


Primarina is probably my favourite fully-evolved starter, which can most certainly take on the likes of Kommo-o in one hit (being Dragon/Fighting doesn’t sound so great with a Fairy-type, no?). I enjoyed using Popplio, and later on Primarina in both my Sun and Ultra Sun playthroughs, and I don’t think I could have picked a better starter in Popplio. Primarina’s a lovely Pokemon to use, and I look forward to a Popplio Community Day in Pokemon Go soon.

8 – Dragapult


My favourite pseudo-legendary, Dragapult has a great type combination of Dragon/Ghost, which is shared with just Giratina. Dragapult has a great design to it, and is such a speed-demon! I haven’t hunted for its shiny yet, but it’s certainly on my to-do list. Dragapult quickly knocked Hydreigon off the top of my personal pseudo-legendary list, which marks one of several changes to how I see my (now former) ranked Pokemon, especially in this list.

7 – Dialga


The only other Legendary to be on this list, I adored Dialga since the days of playing Diamond. Its abundance of resistances have even Fairy-types quaking in their boots, and it has such a dominating presence in just its appearance. As much as I like Palkia, Dialga has probably the best design out of the two, as well as the better type coverage.

6 – Honchkrow600px-430Honchkrow

Honchkrow is a funny one. I’m sick of shiny Murkrow in Pokemon Go, but holy crap I love shiny Honchkrow so much. I’ve featured it twice in both of my Theme Team posts, this literal Big Boss has such an amazing design to it, even in its normal form, and is a much-needed evolution for Murkrow.

5 – Drifloon


Drifloon’s one of those fun Pokemon where I prefer the base version over the evolved form. Drifloon’s absolutely adorable, and I love the lore of Drifloon stealing children away. Honestly, it’s lore like that that makes me like a Pokemon all the more, and the more disturbing, the better.

4 – Luxray


Are you shocked? Well, you should be I suppose (please ignore the pun, that was unintentional). I think the fact that I’ve had to use other Pokemon (Shinx itself hasn’t made an appearance since White, in the White Forest, or Island Scan in Sun/Moon as Luxio). As a solid fan favourite, it hasn’t made that many appearances to lead up to that hype. However, it’s one of the first Pokemon that I encountered in a game and knew I wanted it. It still deserves to be on this top 10 list, but no longer at the top spot, and I’m okay with that. It was definitely done dirty in Pokemon Go. I will still treasure Victoria the shiny Luxray that I was gifted with on my birthday.

Luxray should have been Electric/Dark though.

3 – Ludicolo


I love running a Rain Dish Ludicolo, it’s just so jolly and carefree, everything I wish I could be. What helped was the shiny form – while I’m not too sold on Lotad and Lombre’s shinies, Ludicolo sold it for me in the Ultra Wormhole. Ludicolo was a thorn in my side when going against it in Emerald, but I grew to love it so much over the years.

I have to mention since I finished the main Sword playthrough, Ludicolo replaced Barraskewda.

2 – Roserade


I always get excited to use Roserade in any capacity, whether it’s in Go or in the main games. It helps that its evolution line has been a staple in quite a few of the main series games since its introduction. Roselia needed Roserade in order to be more appealing and viable, and Budew was a nice touch, as much as I don’t think much of baby Pokemon.

1 – Toxtricity


Neo the Toxtricity has been a staple on my current Sword playthrough, and it’s one of the first shinies I started hunting for. I’ve not managed to get a Low Key variant, although I prefer the colours on the Amped form (which fits the Neo nicknaming theme). The shiny is gorgeous, and as long as you ignore the 4x weakness to Ground, we’re good. I think the Neo Dynasty is in full swing!

It took a while for me to get used to the air guitar aspect of Toxtricity when watching playthroughs, but when it came to using my own, I was amazed by it! I love bringing it out to appropriate Max Raid battles, and I can’t wait for its Gigantamax form to be released.

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