Favourite Pokemon from Each Region

With the release of Sword/Shield, I wanted to go through all of the Pokemon that I love the most from each region. And yes, I sorted this so that it comes out after the new games because then I could include the Galar Pokemon.

I will include Legendaries and Mythicals here, though. Just as a disclaimer.


Kanto – Omastar


We all love Kanto, don’t we? I’m being a little sarcastic, Kanto is probably my least favourite region due to its limitations when it comes to scenic diversity (the Pokemon, on the other hand…), but I can’t deny the love I have for Lord Helix itself, Omastar. It may not be the best Pokemon to hail from Kanto, but it’s (one of) the OG fossil Pokemon.

Honourable mentions – Hypno, Zapdos


Johto – Girafarig


My Johto favourite seems to chop and change depending on how I feel. And at this point in time, I’m giving the coveted spot to Girafarig. I have no bad things to say about Girafarig – its concept is pretty cool, although I love the beta version. It’s also absolutely adorable, and has a nice shiny too!

Honourable mentions – Umbreon, Shuckle

Hoenn – Ludicolo


This is the one I affectionately call ‘Mah Boi Ludicolo’, and it’s stuck. However, I always end up with the version opposite the one Ludicolo is on, but I love how jolly it is, and how it dances around. The whole design element and its shiny have made it my third-favourite Pokemon of all-time.

Honourable mentions – Gardevoir, Absol

Sinnoh – Roserade


This may come as a shock considering I touted Luxray as my favourite Pokemon. But why? I had to reassess, and I feel more excitement for Roserade than I do Luxray at this point in time. Roserade is another Grass/Poison type, which got heavily overdone in Kanto. But the design is amazing, and a vast improvement on Roselia from Hoenn. I raised one from a Budew in my first Diamond playthrough, and its Poison Point Ability was…on point.

Honourable mentions – Luxray, Elecitivre

Unova – Chandelure


Chandelure is pretty awesome, I have to say. It’s my go-to Pokemon for when I want to Masuda-hunt and hatch eggs quickly due to its Flame Body Ability. Chandelure is also a Pokemon that takes an inanimate object and makes it so awesome!

Honourable mentions – Stoutland, Krookodile

Kalos – Aurorus


Now everyone usually chooses Tyrantrum over this beauty (and I can see why Tyrantrum’s a great asset for early-game). But I loved having Aurorus in my team. It’s not especially fragile, just ignore it’s 4x weakness to Fighting and Steel, and you’ll be safe.

Honourable mentions – Aegislash, Dragalge

Alola – Stufful


Stufful is one of the few Pokemon from Alola that I absolutely adore – I just didn’t use it or Bewear on any of my playthroughs. It’s one of my favourite shinies too, and also one of the few Normal-types that I can’t ever hate.

Honourable mentions – Primarina, Charjabug

Galar – Toxtricity


Neo the Toxtricity was one of the MVPs of my team going into Sword. I saw it being used in a playthrough and I was impressed – just don’t put it out against Sandaconda and you’ll be fine! Toxtricity’s unique typing of Electric/Poison caught my eye, and I can’t wait for its Gigantamax form.

Honourable mentions – Dragapult, Frosmoth

6 thoughts on “Favourite Pokemon from Each Region

  1. Tim

    I like nearly all of these Pokemon at least partly (can’t speak for Toxtricity, but that’s really the only one). I also enjoy how every gen except Gen II, your honorable mentions features a Pokemon I love as well as one I either really hate or that I’m completely indifferent about. It amuses me greatly. The Girafarig love in particular is awesome.


    1. poketravellerlola

      Girafarig doesn’t get enough love, I feel. And yes, we all know your feelings towards Luxray I’m sure! Plus now that I realised there’s probably a lot more to Toxtricity than meets the eye (probably why its Gigantamax form hasn’t been released), I like it all the more.
      I’m interested in knowing which of the honourable mentions you really hate, though.


      1. Tim

        My thoughts on the honorable mentions —

        Love: Hypno, Umbreon, Shuckle, Gardevoir, Electivire, Krookodile, Aegislash, Primarina, Frosmoth (even without playing, I love this one already)
        Meh: Absol, Zapdos, Chargabug
        Hate: Luxray, Stoutland, Dragalge
        No opinion yet: Dragapult (from watching Youtube clips, it seems like a meh Pokemon with cool typing, but I haven’t played to know)


      2. poketravellerlola

        I have a lot of fond memories of all of your ‘meh’ Pokemon, and I know how much you hate Luxray! Interested to know why you’re not a fan of Dragalge though. Dragapult is great, but I simply like Toxtricity more. Knew you’d like Frosmoth though!


      3. Tim

        I’m sure there’s plenty of Pokemon I like that you’d be meh about. I bet if you went to my favorite Pokemon post (which I’ll need to update once I play Gen VIII), there’ll be some you’re not a fan of. That’s the thing about a game with 800+ characters.


      4. poketravellerlola

        I’m sure Jynx is a Pokemon that I feel meh towards. And you’re right, with nearly 900 characters, it’s easy to butt heads with someone over preferred Pokemon. It’s why I don’t get offended when someone dislikes a Pokemon that I like. At the end of the day, it doesn’t affect my life in any way.


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