Has Niantic Evolved Their Event Strategies? – Evolution Event Round-Up

Hello! It’s not common practice that I write up event round-ups anymore, due to there being so many events lately, and not much happens within them. But I wanted to reflect on the ones with added mini-events, such as this one.

The Good

Well, this event was high-quality and involved a few shinies that I didn’t have – Gligar, Sunkern, Burmy (newly-introduced), Scyther and a second Oddish (I only got one during the initial event). But it was nice to see different things around. I managed to find my first shiny Gligar and Sunkern, which was great, considering I’d been in a new shiny drought for a month (excluding Community Day).

The evolution tasks were great, especially if you were looking for extra evolution items. I didn’t bother with those specific tasks, just the ones that give the encounters at the end. It was a bit maddening that I had to use my candy that I hoarded to get these evolutions, but that’s because I’m a candy hoarder, and I have no need to mass-evolve because I’m already Level 40.

This event was a great way for newer players to stock up for items, as well as for long-term players who need evolutions items for their shiny forms.

The Bad

I mentioned that the spawns were second-to-none in terms of quality. However, I did have issues with the evolution stages that they chose – they chose Haunter, Dragonair and Lairon of all Pokemon when they could have had different ones that fit the theme – although I wouldn’t know what they’d include instead.

The other thing that annoyed me was the lack of new Gen 5 Pokemon – again. This was the perfect opportunity to release the rest of the Pokemon that requires a Unova Stone to evolve in any part of its line – Munna, Cottonee, Petilil, Minccino and Tynamo all require items in the main game, and it’s not clear whether they’ll utilise the Sun Stone for Cottonee and Petilil, but I expect the Unova Stone to be used for them. But we are experiencing a Unova drought so that would have been a nice introduction. But while we were focusing on evolution stones, it would have been a good segway into more from Unova.

Raid Day

During the raid day on Saturday 7th December, we had the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle families in raids for 3 hours. Now I’ll preface this by saying that not many people were bothered about this event, because most people already have these Pokemon from the Community Days, and we have a Community Day featuring these in raids this month.

I did manage to get some raids done (including a couple of duo Charizards). My first raid of the day was a Charmeleon at the fountain (also an EX Gym), and that was where I got the shiny. Its stats were 10/10/10, which is entirely laughable given my circumstances, but it’s an impressive feat to get a shiny. But it wasn’t as active as Raid Hours, but even then I feel that raiding has lost its spark over the last few months or so.

I hope that in the future, they’ll allow evolved forms to be shiny altogether because I’d be more tempted to do more of the raids if they had that shiny chance. There is no excuse while we have shiny evolved forms in main series games, as well as Pikachu, Roselia and Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go.

Closing Statement

While this has been a great event generally, it definitely could have been improved in some areas.

But I want to know your opinions on this event! Comment below to make your views seen!

2 thoughts on “Has Niantic Evolved Their Event Strategies? – Evolution Event Round-Up

  1. Tim

    I really liked how they did the evolution event. Even though I didn’t get any shinies at all (new or otherwise), it felt like the first really well-done event Niantic has done outside of Community Day in a while.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I was irked over having to evolve Pokemon, but only because I’m a candy hoarder. But I did enjoy the event due to the variety of spawns they had, and the non-encounter tasks actually rewarded something worthwhile to new, returning and long-term players. If all non-Halloween events were like this, I’d be happier.

      Liked by 1 person

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