Best and Worst Pokemon Go Events in 2019

Hello! This was a post I originally didn’t consider, but I was asked by my friend Sam, who asked if I would consider writing this. I thought I might as well because then it’s more stuff to discuss! Plus I wanted to reflect on the events of this year past, obviously not including the upcoming Holiday event!

I’ll be making my opinions based on the quality of spawns, shiny releases, inclusion of new Pokemon and overall enjoyment. I won’t be including the real-life events, and I posted about the Regigigas event earlier in the month. These are also in no particular order.


Halloween – October


Halloween is always my favourite event, due to its longevity, and the inclusion of different Pokemon that we don’t normally see except at night or in nests. I managed to obtain quite a few shinies in this time too, including the costumed Pikachu and Shuppet. We were able to re-encounter Spritiomb, although without a shiny chance still. The costumed starters were a nice touch, but I wished Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander were also available in the wild, and Bulbasaur having a different costume because it was done dirty. Alolan Marowak should have had that raid day though…

Battle Showdown – March


The second iteration of the Battle Showdown event, involving Fighting-type spawns and 2x catch, battle and Raid Stardust, as well as the ever-handy 2x XP for Gym Badges. I always see the Battle Showdown events as an opportunity to finish Gym Badges and get them to gold. I didn’t get the shinies featured in this event (Mankey and Machop). I can’t remember if I got any shinies during the event (probably one I already had, no idea).

Adventure Week – June


Adventure Week is always a staple of the year, as it’s always fun. I didn’t get to take advantage of the 10x XP for spinning new stops, as I didn’t get to venture out too far. I did have to hunt very hard for a shiny Anorith, and later on, got a shiny Onix during a different event. But the amount to do, as well as the usual 4x Buddy Candy rewards were a huge incentive to keep walking.

Gift Event – August


This Gift Event proved what we needed from the game generally – the amount of gifts that could be opened increased to 30, carriable gifts increased to 20, as well as eggs that came from the gifts being only 2km to walk, too. If I wasn’t working so much, I’d have taken advantage of this event all the more. It didn’t increase spawns, but it was in conjunction with the Go Fest spawns, where I got so many shinies.

Ultra Bonus – September


In September, we had the Ultra Bonus events, and we got them one after the other. We had a Johto-based event and Unown hatching from eggs for the first time. The second week featured Kanto regionals and their shiny forms for the first time. Deoxys was in raids but we don’t care about that. We then had Mewtwo back in raids (with a shiny form), and Unova Pokemon started trickling in. Throughout these three weeks, we had 2x incubator effectiveness too. There was so much happening each week, and it was so much fun. Towards the end, I ended up on crutches again so that sucked.


Equinox Event – March


The Equinox Event was a let-down, to say the least. We were shown Oddish as a feature Pokemon, so we were expecting a shiny Oddish and/or Bellsprout release. Instead, we had Solrock and Lunatone as shinies, but they were swapped just as the event started. So us in the Eastern Hemisphere couldn’t encounter a shiny Solrock and then Lunatone later.

It also didn’t make sense to feature Grass-type Pokemon, where Fire and Ice would have been better as a nice contrast. It was a Grass event that made little to no sense.

Extraordinary Raid Week – May


I made a post discussing this event earlier in the year, but in short, most raids disappeared half the time. The only good point was the Lapras day, which they really had to do considering shiny Lapras was rare upon release anyway. That’s really all I have to say without redirecting you to the post.

Summer Snooze – May/June


This was a bit boring. Snorlax was just spawning in the wild asleep. This was to commemorate the announcement (not release, mind) of Pokemon Sleep. They would know Yawn as an event-exclusive move, and have a 100% catch rate after the third ball, just like a Mythical. We made a game about catching the heaviest Snorlax (I won), but that was it.

Water Festival – August


Where do I start? The wild spawns weren’t great – all of the shinies I got were ones I already had, not to mention there were little-to-none increased spawns of rare Pokemon near water (we checked, we went to Lincoln). Crabhammer was a great choice. The Lake Guardians in a single raid hour without a shiny, on the other hand? Just no.

Pokemon Day – February


Pokemon Day is where the celebration of the Pokemon franchise takes place. And this year, it featured the fourth Kanto-based event we’ve had in the space of ten months (Kanto Celebration, Ultra Bonus 2018, Let’s Go, and this one). Shiny Pidgey and Rattata were made available, which was fine. But Pikachu and Eevee wearing the now-cursed flower crowns made their debut. I think it was time Kanto-based events were put to sleep for a few years.


2 thoughts on “Best and Worst Pokemon Go Events in 2019

    1. poketravellerlola

      I’m usually fond of the Adventure Week, but I was a bit salty that I had to grind so hard for one shiny when everyone else in the community got at least 3 of each

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