What Is My Favourite Pokemon Region?

Earlier, I made a post about the different Pokemon types and how I ranked them based on the Pokemon I liked or disliked. I wanted to do the same for each region.

Due to the variety of Pokemon in the regions, I want to do the same calculations as I did with the previous video. Each regional variant will be marked down as one of each region (for example, Galarian Stunfisk will feature as part of Galar, not Unova). Mega Evolutions aren’t included this time around, however, all forms will be counted (apart from Unown, do you think I’m that crazy?).

8) Hoenn – 51.43%

It pains me to put Hoenn in last place, but even with powerhouses such as Gardevoir and ‘mah boi’ Ludicolo, you have Slaking, Nincada, Wurmple, and so many others that I don’t either care for or just dislike. I really love the Hoenn region for the atmosphere and the amazing soundtrack, so it’s a shame that it’s let down by some lacklustre Pokemon (thanks Slakoth, that’s something else you ruined!).

7) Sinnoh – 56.67%

This pains me even more because I considered the Sinnoh region my favourite for Pokemon. However, I think it’s because I resonated with the Pokemon I liked more than those I liked in other regions. That said, I put this down to different forms of Pokemon that I’m not bothered about if I’m honest.

6) Unova – 56.98%

Unova got done dirty with Pokemon with many different forms. Deerling and Sawsbuck having four forms each didn’t help, and neither did the original Darmanitan. Big shout-out to Kyurem, for being able to bring different forms and make it work for itself! Also, there is a great variety of Pokemon, such as fan-favourites Zoroark and Chandelure, but also the likes of (sadly) Watchog and Unfezant. But I think that’s what happens when you try and reinvent the wheel, which is what Unova tried and (mostly) succeeded. We just don’t like the Kami Trio Incarnate forms.

5) Johto – 65%

Johto is what is essentially the second half of the Kanto region, as it was supposed to be the proper Pokemon end-game before it got ridiculously popular. We hear Johto, we recall Sudowoodo, Marill, Pichu, Sneasel, you name it! Also, some disappointing Pokemon came from this region – Sunkern, anyone?

4) Kalos – 73.33%

The Kalos region redefined Pokemon, and it was the first foray into 3D graphics, as well as the introduction of the Fairy-type, which became a powerhouse on its own. Aegislash, Dragalge, Aurorus, Sylveon and Noivern are just a few that I thoroughly enjoy from this region. I’ll make a passing dishonourable mention at Hoopa Confined and leave it there.

3) Kanto – 77.48%

Well, I’m not a Genwunner, that’s for certain! But there’s no denying the Kanto region set a high bar for Pokemon, even if you include the likes of Voltorb. It was even later ‘copied’ in a way for the Unova region, where a lot of Pokemon from there hark back to Kanto (for example, as Throh and Sawk are the Unovan versions of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan).

2) Alola – 78.76%

The Alola region is one that I know more than probably any other region (except Kanto). Having had a good-sized roster of Pokemon, including the avalanche of Legendaries, helps this region. While there wasn’t many Pokemon I disliked, there were some, such as Bruxish or Guzzlord. I still have flashbacks from when I soft-reset over a shiny Guzzlord and had to SR 200 more times. Other than that, my favourite starter, Popplio, is in this generation, as well as Stufful, Bewear, Ribombee and Golisopod.

1) Galar – 87.88%

Well, this is awkward, considering the uproar with the National Dex stuff. But out of all of the Galarian Pokemon, there aren’t many that I dislike or don’t care about. The Galarian forms improved upon the Pokemon that I dislike (Mr. Mime, Stunfisk, Darmanitan), and the newly-introduced Pokemon are great – Coalossal, Grimmsnarl and Toxtricity, for example! And even ones that I don’t particularly like, it’s not in a bad way, and I can find something good about them – like how Eldegoss floats in the overworld, or how Rillaboom kinda reminds me of that Cadbury’s advert (thanks Phil Collins).

2 thoughts on “What Is My Favourite Pokemon Region?

  1. Tim

    As someone who grew up on Gen I, I feel like it’d be very high on my list if I did this (I’d just need to repurpose my spreadsheet I made for the types to find out). That said, I have a very strong sense that Johto or Hoenn would be my lowest regions. As much as I love the Johto games, there’s a lot of mons from those games that I really didn’t like. And Hoenn…well, it was a trainwreck.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I loved the Hoenn region for its atmosphere and soundtrack, but the Pokemon were just awful for the majority of it.

      I didn’t really grow up with Pokemon, so I ended up going into this with less of a nostalgia feeling towards each of the regions.


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