Galarian Regional Predictions in Pokemon Go

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I did a totally-Pokemon related post. Now that we’re truly in the swing of Generation 8, I thought it’d be good to reflect back on our previous regional predictions post, and come up with some predictions for the Galar region when it launches in Pokemon Go. It won’t be for a couple of years, mind, but we can think ahead.

I want to (again), focus on Pokemon that don’t have evolution lines, of which there are eight of those (not including Galarian forms of existing Pokemon).

As a note, Farfetch’d, Corsola and Mr. Mime are current regionals that now have new forms and evolutions. Therefore I feel that for general ease, the Galarian forms will spawn in the same regions as their original forms, with the added ability to evolve.



Cramorant is based on the cormorant, which range around the world, with the exception of the central Pacific islands. These birds are coastal birds rather than oceanic, and some colonise inland waters. Due to this, it’s unlikely that Cramorant will be a regional, as you can’t generally pin it down easily. I would like to see Raid Battles with a Cramorant gulping an Arrokuda or gorging on a Pikachu.



From what I researched, Falinks is based on the phalanx, which was a rectangular mass military formation – which explains why there are six individuals lined up in such a formation. This was the formation described in Ancient Greek warfare. I wouldn’t mind Falinks being an Eastern European exclusive if that is the case.



Pincurchin looks like it’s based on a sea urchin, while its name sounds more like the word ‘pincushion’. Honestly, I thought it was more like a Galarian Pyukumuku but never mind. But because sea urchins can be found in any environment, it hardly qualifies to be a regional.



Stonjourner is based on Stonehenge, so it’d be a disgrace if us Brits didn’t get Stonjourner as a regional. Its Pokedex entry for Shield literally states ‘Once a year, on a specific date and at a specific time, they gather out of nowhere and form up in a circle.’ On the Summer Solstice, people flock to Stonehenge to witness the sunrise – this is what the entry refers to. Honestly, I love that they have a Pokemon based on Stonehenge (I’ve never been, but it’s on my to-do list).



Eiscue is a brilliant Pokemon! I think because of its Ice Face Ability, it may be a stalled release unless they bring out the Noice Face form in all weather except for snow, which will then give it that weather boost and the Ice Face form. Therefore it’ll be an unlikely regional anywhere unless you want to keep it in the southern hemisphere. However, it doesn’t snow that frequently or heavily in the southern hemisphere, making my form-switch idea null and void almost.



Indeedee is a Pokemon that has a separate male and female form – and both are exclusive to each of the versions, and they have different stat distributions. With that said, I think Indeedee will be exclusive to regions similar to those of the rotating Hoenn Pokemon.



Morpeko is the Pikachu clone of the generation, and in the tradition, will be a likely regional exclusive, except for one caveat. Like Eiscue, Morkepo has a form-changing Ability known as Hunger Switch, which then changes the type that Aura Wheel, its signature move, will become. However, the type-changing move is unlikely, which is where my idea comes in: Morpeko can spawn in both forms, and that form determines the type of Aura Wheel (which cannot be changed via TM, like Hidden Power).



Duraludon is an absolute beast of a Pokemon with great type-coverage. Instead of a regional, I could see it as a very challenging 4* Raid Boss exclusive or a very rare Pokemon. That’s really all I have to say on it.

I wanna see what ideas you have for these Pokemon, and whether or not they should be real!

2 thoughts on “Galarian Regional Predictions in Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    Can you tell I’m going through old posts that were in my email while I wait for a server to process stuff?

    I agree for the most part on this, though I can’t see Morpeko being regional. They dropped the Plusle/Minun regionality very early on because people want their Pikachu-clones. I could fully see this being a daytime/nighttime spawn switch, but not regional.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I think they dropped the Plusle and Minun regionals because everyone wanted them together (as they should be). However they did make Pachirisu a regional, so the pattern of Pikachu clone regionals has presented itself in every prediction automatically.

      Liked by 1 person

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