What Is My Favourite Pokemon Type?

A little while ago, I watched this video by Truegreen7, where he ranked all of the Pokemon types. This was based on going through all of the Pokemon and deducing which ones he loved, and getting a percentage based on that. I wanted to do the same, to see if my favoured type is the same as what I believe my favourite type is. I’ll go from the bottom-ranked type, and work my way up.

All I did was divide the amount I loved by the amount of total Pokemon in that type, including Mega Evolutions and alternate forms, but not Gigantamax forms (for example, Mega Ampharos and Pirouette Forme Meloetta are eligible, but not Gigantamax Corviknight).

I started this before the release of Sword/Shield, but I decided to re-do it again after the release of the games. Therefore, there will be some Galarian spoilers!

Predictions before calculating: I want to hope it’s Electric at the top, but in the case that it isn’t, I wouldn’t be mad with Dragon or Ghost.

But for now, let’s get into the list!

18) Normal – 44.7%

I’m not surprised that the Normal type is ranked the lowest on this list. It’s a very generalist type, and it doesn’t really have any uses apart from its immunity to Ghost – which isn’t unique, considering the Fighting-type also has that immunity. Plus the abundance of Normal-types on this list drives home the thought that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, which is something we’ll get down to later. I think the trope of the Route 1 rodents/birds never helps, especially with Pokemon such as Watchog and Greedent.

17) Ice – 57.41%

It’s not that I don’t like Ice types. In fact, I do enjoy them, but it seems that I enjoy the ones I like a lot more than the ones I don’t particularly care for. Pokemon like Cloyster, Aurorus and Weavile I really like, but it doesn’t help that the Ice type is the least abundant. The Galar Pokemon, such as Snom and Arctozolt, really helped it though, and I found it refreshing to find a variety of different Ice-types that I liked in one region.

16) Grass – 59.29%

Let’s just say the Thwackey, Rillaboom, Gossifleur and Eldegoss in the Galar region really let the Grass-type down in this one! I feel that if they weren’t released, or if they were made better, the Grass-type may be higher on this list (while Rillaboom isn’t disappointing to use, its appearance could have been better). It’s a shame, because two of my favourite Pokemon, Roserade and Ludicolo, are part-Grass.

15) Water – 57.89%

The one thing that hurts the Water-type’s ranking is the amount of Water types. Having a large pool of Pokemon can hurt you, just like Normal suffered. However, there are Water-types that I love – Ludicolo is my favourite Pokemon after Toxtricity and Roserade, and you can’t forget Omastar or Inteleon, or my favourite fully-evolved starter, Primarina.

14) Fighting – 63.75%

Fighting isn’t one that I utilise a lot, but the inclusion of a few favoured Fighting-types in Alola helped (Stufful, anyone?). I at one point said Fighting was my least favourite type, and I think that sentiment wasn’t quite right, but it was close. I think it’s the aesthetic and trying to find a Fighting-type that I really like.

13) Bug – 65.22%

The Bug-type isn’t one that I normally use often. It was only in Gen 7 and Gen 8 when the Bug-type started to get likeable – examples of which are Frosmoth and Charjabug. I rarely use Bug-types on my teams, and I used Charjabug through most of my Ultra Sun playthrough and loved it.

12) Steel – 66.2%

The Steel-type is a powerhouse, especially up to Gen 6. My favourite Legendary, Dialga, is part-Steel. We also have Corviknight and Duraludon as part of the roster of awesome Steel-types now, but it’s that goddamned Klink line…

11) Flying – 67.52%

I think the issue that I have with the Flying type is mainly due to the types that get tacked onto it – this includes the Route 1 birds, of which Staraptor is my favourite (as well as Corviknight); therefore it is my go-to to use as my Flying-type pick.

10) Fire – 68.67%

The Fire-type was my starting-point for Pokemon. I chose Charmander for my first-ever starter, as I loved anything fire or lightning (or Electric in this case). However, Charizard’s overdone now, which didn’t help. There is still a plethora of adored Fire-types, including the Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.

9) Psychic – 69.03%

The Psychic-type was busted in Generation 1, back then with only one weakness, and none of which were really viable (see the Bug-type moveset and Psychic being immune to Ghosts). The Psychic-type is shown to have great strength, and that’s why Lugia was made a Psychic rather than a Water (dude it should have been part-Water!). There are so many Psychic-type Legendaries and Mythicals too, see Jirachi, Celebi, Deoxys just to name three.

8) Rock – 72.91%

The Rock-type isn’t normally seen as great, but I love using Rock-type Pokemon. Golem, Coalossal and the fossils (up to Gen 8, of course). Even something as simple as Shuckle is fun if I do say so myself, even if it is a bit terrible in battle (it was also my first Lucky Shiny in Pokemon Go).

7) Ground – 75.31%

I’ll preface this now: the entire Rhyhorn line was done dirty with Rhyperior. Otherwise, the Ground-type is a great type to use. In Gen 1, it was most commonly in tandem with the Rock-type, giving it a 4x weakness to Water and Grass. It made choosing Bulbasaur or Squirtle in the early game (or choosing Charmander and overlevelling like I originally did) very viable. But there are great Ground-types that I love – Sandaconda, Groudon, Rhydon and Palossand to name but a few.

=5) Dark – 76.81%

Who’d have thought that Dark and Electric types would be a tie? I didn’t think so! We’ll start with the Dark-type because the Electric-type is a personal preference for me. The Dark-type is a great type to utilise against Psychic-types, although I don’t see why the Route 1 rodents (Rattata and Zigzagoon) are given the Dark/Normal type combination for their regional variants – I shake my head. Otherwise, we have lovely Dark-types such as Umbreon, Grimmsnarl, Hydreigon and Absol (I loved using Mega Absol for the Magic Bounce ability).

=5) Electric – 76.81%

Together in Electric dreams, I was hoping this would be the top pick. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. We obviously have the greats, such as Luxray, Toxtricity and Electivire, but then we also have…Voltorb, Plusle and Minun. Even Connor’s favourite Eeveelution, Jolteon, is great too.

4) Fairy – 77.78%

The Fairy-type has become a powerhouse since its inception in Generation 6. They certainly made ORAS easier to play through (I just wish Juan’s Kingdra was around so I could wreak revenge) thanks to Gardevoir. There are some Fairy-types that I don’t favour, such as Igglybuff or Cleffa (not huge on the baby Pokemon in general though).

3) Ghost – 78.69%

Ghost is a typing that I just know I like a lot of the Pokemon. Firm favourites of mine include Drifblim, Mismagius, Chandelure and Giratina. However, there are a couple that I don’t favour – Rotom being one of them. Here’s a rant: I hate the Rotom Dex saying ‘Hey Roto-L. I will give you advice that you didn’t ask for.’ Like I didn’t ask for the information, I’ve been playing the games for seven years now, bugger off!

2) Poison – 80.26%

I call my Roserade ‘the Fairy Killer’ due to it being the top Poison attacker currently in Pokemon Go, and while Poison is used heavily in conjunction with the Grass-type, there have been loads more uses for it in Gen 8, from Toxtricity to Eternatus (the first Poison-type Legendary, too). There aren’t many Poison-types I don’t like, but I can definitely say Swalot can take a hike.

1) Dragon – 88.73%

I think the Dragon-type is the epitome of ‘quality over quantity’. There are few Dragon Pokemon that I dislike, such as Guzzlord or Druddigon – the others are fantastic in their own ways, from design to lore, and even how they battle. Now can we talk about how Dragapult is my new favourite pseudo-legendary (sorry Hydreigon, you’re still good though).

It’d be interesting to see what types you end up ranking the highest or lowest. Please let me know in the comments – maybe your favourite type really isn’t your favoured?

7 thoughts on “What Is My Favourite Pokemon Type?

  1. Tim

    EVERYONE seems to hate Thwackey. It’s kind of hilarious at this point.

    As for Lugia, I think there was a massive opportunity missed with Mega Evolutions to make it a Water/Psychic mega with the Levitate ability. That said, what do you do with Ho-oh’s mega at that point? Keep it Fire/Flying? Make it Fire/Steel with Levitate? Maybe that’s where the sticking point was.

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how much better both the Poison and Bug typing have become over the years. It makes for a much more useful and diverse set of Pokemon in the games.

    I might have to try this exercise at some point in the future. I’ve got nearly everything written out for the rest of the year, but maybe in January?


    1. poketravellerlola

      I quite liked Poison before, but Toxtricity knocked it out of the park for me. And even though they’re so far down the list, I’m so happy with the new Ice-types that we got for Galar (yes, even Mr. Mime). And Bug-types have been improving drastically since Alola.

      That idea for a Mega Lugia is what we should have had for normal Lugia, and I’d probably make Ho-Oh Fire/Fairy with the Levitate ability.

      The exercise was fun, that’s for certain. It goes to show that your favourite type may not actually be your favourite type.


      1. poketravellerlola

        I did it the awkward way and counted via tally. Just felt easier doing it, and I got to use one of my 5,000 notebooks. Then I calculated using Google because I’ve always been terrible with calculating percentages


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